About:  Mikaela’s Individual and Small Group Sound Healing Sessions

“I’ve never slept so well as after receiving one of Mikaela’s sound healing sessions. They are so deeply relaxing; my stress just melts away. I find myself calm and smiling at work for days, and that’s saying a lot!”  ~ Liz P. 

“Whoa! Mikaela & I did a manifestation sound bath and the  images (scene) she held for me came true within a week! I am still in awe and so appreciative. I’ll definitely be back for more.
~ Paul S. 

“I’ve had lower back pain for years. After one session with Mikaela, it’s gone!” ~ Julie M. 

“As a sound sensitive person, I didn’t know what to expect but Mikaela played all of the instruments gently; adjusting as I needed. I left a convert. Truly amazing work. So beautiful and gentle. I love the crystal and Tibetan bowls, and I must get some chimes for my home now.” 
~ Janna R. 

“Mikaela Jones’ Sound Healing Bath offers a full-chakra immersion experience that tunes and cleanses the psyche. Mikaela and I first discussed my intention for my individual session. She showed me the instruments she would use, and she asked me if any sounds would disturb me. She gave me brief sound samples from her impressive array of instruments which include crystal bowls, tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, and a crystal pyramid. I had no sound restrictions, and I told her I trusted her to choose the right blend of sounds.

After I got comfortable, lying face-up on a massage table with blankets over me, Mikaela began a gentle visualization narrative along with various sounds. My mind chattered away for a few minutes, but soon, under the wave and spell of the tones, I became completely engrossed in the tapestry of my own subconscious mind-journey. With my eyes closed, I could not see the various instruments, but they provided the sweep and primal music to accompany my vision, which included (among other things) The Golden Ratio, a dragon, a blue crystal, and Hermes winged feet!

At one point during the session, I needed to clear my throat several times, and Mikaela said she was working on my throat chakra! I laughed, and I was glad the sounds were working their magic is such practical ways!

I felt completely safe and comfortable with Mikaela as my guide, and I thoroughly enjoyed this relaxing, refreshing cosmic bubble bath!   

~ Gretchen P. 

“Mikaela, you are such a gift. We always enjoy your sound baths for our work retreats so much. So unique. And having the cacao ceremony this time with our group was amazing. We noticed lots of creativity in our work retreat brainstorming session that night, so thank you again!” ~ Katsu T. 

Book of Light Book Cover

About:  “The Book of Light – 365 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life”

“Now more than ever it seems we are surrounded by fear and uncertainty. This beautiful book can help us overcome uncertainty and create a daily practice to live with more light and love.”
~Shannon Kaiser, author of The Self-Love Experiment and Adventures for Your Soul

“If you want to shine your light with the world, keep this book close to you. Its practical suggestions and inspirational gems will help you live each day with gratitude from your empowered genius and loving heart.”
~Dr John Demartini – International best-selling author of The Values Factor & featured in the movie, “The Secret”.

 I purchased this book from Amazon after a friend recommended it to me and me and my children. We keep it on the coffee table and have randomly been selecting a way every day to read out loud and practice. It helps bring a little extra sweetness into our lives which is always appreciated in these stressful and uncertain times. I plan on buying more and having them on hand for giftgiving occasions.  ~ C. Leon

 This is a great and timely book. Being inundated with one tragic event after another, The Book of Light offers a respite from that. It can be read in a linear fashion or you can let the spirit guide you and open it up to a page and let it bless you.

I read the book in a couple of days and now I let the spirit lead my reading. Mikaela’s wisdom and light shine in the passages that can be thoughts to contemplate or intonations to practice to relieve stress and become peaceful.

I promise if you buy the book and put the quotes into action, you’ll have a better life. Do yourself a favor and read it. ~ W. Billington

 I enjoyed the “little” version of this book and am glad to see it has been expanded. Sometimes I just need a slight nudge to get myself moving in a positive direction and each page offers another easy, non-judgemental nudge. ~Scott
A lovely book you can pick up and open to any page for a moment of peace and warmth. I keep it in my waiting room, so stressed out patients can peruse it before their visits. Would make a great gift for a friend with stress in their life. ~J. Johnson

 I normally don’t gravitate to books of aphorisms or daily affirmations but when I leafed through this one, every entry was heartfelt and worthwhile. Some of it is so simple and common-sensical, you might think, “Well, of course,” but would it have occurred to you had you not just read it?

For example: “Sit next to a river, creek, or brook. Or consider adding a small water feature in your home. The sound of flowing water will calm and soothe your emotions and promote mental clarity and creativity.” Don’t we all know that already?

Then in her next daily entry, the author lets loose with “In the shower, imagine that you are standing under a huge waterfall of love and light. Feel the light enter your body and soothe and relax every muscle, fiber, and cell of your being.”

And so these offerings flow between prosaic-but-elegant and leaps of imagination. There is genuine energy here. I own a copy now and I’m glad I do. Recommended. And the nice thing is, you can just pick it up and sample it and see if your experience is similar to mine.
~M. Polansky

The Little Book of Light

About: The Little Book of Light: 111 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life

“If you would love to be inspired, uplifted and enlightened then Mikaela’s Little Book of Light is certainly the magical book to read. It will help you to discover and awaken your inner wisdom and help bring out the most loving and empowered you.”
~ Dr. John F. Demartini,
Bestselling author of The Breakthrough Experience – & Featured in The Secret

“The Little Book of Light gives us the freedom to use the light we have right there within us.” ~ H. White, author of Believe to Achieve: See the Invincible, Do the Impossible

“Disguised within the ‘lightness” of this little book, is the Real Thing. Mikaela is a radiant and joyous soul who truly walks her talk. Her mission and service is to help others tap into their own unique and precious expression of the Light. The simple suggestions in The Little Book of Light carry Truth and a deep Wisdom we can live everyday. What a wonderful world we would enjoy if everyone would follow Mikaela’s simple guide! Thank you, Mikaela, for this truly enlightened and enlightening gift!”
~ Marina Aguilar, MFT, CPCC

“What a perfect name for this book filled with magic…I have truly enjoyed this very special book it is a wonderful ray of hope and light for us to reflect on in today’s hectic world. I keep this with me at all times so I can always check in for a few moments of laughter and inspiration. This is a book that EVERYONE should have and treasure always.”
~ Christophe Choo, Real Estate Agent

“Each day there are many moments of joy that we let slip by. Moments that, if recognized, bring us back into balance and in awe of life’s beauty. Mikaela’s Little Book of Light is the perfect, pocket sized reminder of those moments. Each message she offers feel like rays of happiness shining through to the window of my soul.”
~ Sierra J. Sullivan, creator of TheRAY.org

“I’ve made it a point to never read this book from start to finish. Instead, I wait for the times when things seem dark, darker than usual, a little too dark. That’s when I open the book. I choose just one page, a way I haven’t read before, and soak it in. It never fails to remind me that despite all the darkness, there’s just as much light to balance things out. My only hope is that Mikaela writes a second book before I’ve read all the pages from her first. “
~ Enio Rigolin     director/screenwriter

“In a world where we can feel disconnected not only from life and each other, but from ourselves, The Little Book of Light by Mikaela Jones, is a message from the heart to guide us back to the sacredness and beauty of the divine within ourselves and our lives. Keep it close to your heart and rediscover the magic of your life.”
~ Guru Dev Kaur Khalsa, acupuncturist

“My friend had this golden book on the side table and I picked it up and thought this is lovely! I opened it to:
There is no such thing as an accident. There is only your light trying to get your attention. Ask your light what the message is.
My friend gave one to me and now Ive realized that all is light reflecting back at me each day I open to the perfect page, and know there are no accidents, only light reflecting light. Thank you for this message of love and light. This book is a treasure.”
~ Amira Ratty, energy healer & mom

The Little Book of Light is truthful, uplifting, and invigorating. When I first picked it up, I could not put it down. I have read it several times now. I carry mine in my purse and whenever Im feeling down, I reach for it. It always changes my outlook and my attitude toward whatever is going on try it, you’ll like it!”
~ Drusilla Anderson, retired

“I recently moved into a new home and put your book in my private collection of faves by the bed. My first night in my new home I put fresh linens on the bed and nestled in. I  randomly opened The Little Book of Light to “Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by a protective shield of glorious, golden light. You are as powerful as the sun…and then I did it!! It was a fun and lovely way to begin anew, thank you.”
~ Cindy Yancey, Rising Star Practitioner & Mother

“Happiness is a mindset, a choice. And this inspiring book is a great little guide to help keep me on the right track…not to mention that it has shown me a whole new way of looking at L.A. traffic!”~ Mac Caudill, film/television editor

“Thank God, I carry my Little Book of Light in my purse. Over the holidays at the dinner table, two of my relatives began to argue with each other. I whipped out the book and made each of them randomly open to a page & read a Way. Both were perfect for the moment! Harmony was restored and the yummy meal was enjoyed by all! Thank you, Mikaela for writing this magical book.” ~Trisha Barrados, Occupational Therapist

“The Little Book of Light is healing, enlightening, and delightful. It is an excellent book to carry with you for a quick pick-me-up. It is deep and joyful, rich and light all at the same time. I’m so glad you wrote it.”
~ Pat Poock, retired librarian & working grandmother

“I gladly embraced this book with its many ways it communicates the magic of light. We are potent beings when we are able to connect with the events of everyday life. We benefit mankind in a greater light when we are conscious about how we interact spiritually. The tools and descriptions in The Little Book of Light is beautifully communicated which makes this an important tool, especially with its freshness in interpretation. The goal always is to let us come and go in peace and understanding that the light we bring is the light we take. Thank you, Mikaela, for your wisdom and gift of The Little Book of Light. It is desperately needed in the world today.”~ Jahmil Prescott, parole officer

“The “Little Book of Light” was a Christmas gift given to me by my long time friend, Cheryl Janecky. The words in this book are so lovingly strung together, to make the best inspirational bedtime reading. The many visualizations, thoughts, insightful phrases are the beginnings of my night time dreams. Therefore light enters my night and I awake filled with love and joy. Thank you, Mikaela for your gift. “~ Love, Johanna Schaub

“The Little Book of Light incorporates moments of joy and reminders of the ways in which we become our authentic selves. What a joy it is! And what a blessing to read it every day. Each page is like getting a kiss from an angel. Mikaela Jones is truly an inspiration with heart and soul. My 9 year old and I read it at random everyday, we have lots of fun seeing what our messages are for the day! Today we saw the magazine “Spirituality & Health” in Henry’s. It had the blurb on the cover “14 practices to brighten your world,” and my son noticed it and said -” Ha! Mom, we have 100!”~ Janet Lightstone,
Spiritual Teacher

“This little book inspires me daily. I keep it in my purse and pull in out whenever I have a moment (in line, waiting for a movie, anytime I feel the need) and I am always taken to a higher frequency and am able to share in my light more openly.”~ Samantha Streets, Actress/Artist

“I want to thank you for writing it and sharing your wisdom and love with the world. It is beautiful in every way- from the color, to the size, to the sayings of wisdom. Thankyou thank you thank you.”~ Matt Gaffney, Investment Adv.

“The Little Book of Light shines brightly on all those who read it. The author’s love is a beam and available to her readers to lean on and move toward. It’s a lovely little book.”
~Sarah Blackstone, Phd. President, Augmentative Comm.

“I keep my “Little Book of Light” with me in the car. Whenever the traffic or stress of the city starts getting to me, I can easily reach for it and get reconnected to inspiration. Thanks Mikaela!”~ John Randall, MusicianPS–If any driver flips me the finger, I just flip them the “Little Book of Light! A delightful addition to any library, “The Little Book of Light” is full of inspiration and will start and keep you smiling.”
~ Debra Spector, elem. teacher

“With all the rhetoric and self-aggrandizing foolishness surrounding us today, curling up with this charming book was like drinking a cup of warm Jasmine tea with a dear friend. She offers the gift of wisdom from her heart to her readers’ hearts. As a writer, I’ve often found myself tied in knots and wondering if I’ll ever eake out another word. This book has such a soothing voice that I find myself using the words as relaxation exercises to help me through the writing blocks.She says: Imagine standing under a waterfall of sparkling light. Breathe it into your body. Notice the dance of rainbows within the light. and later, …and there was always the moment–I’d watch and wait for it–when I knew that ‘I’ wasn’t dancing, but that God was dancing me. Buy this book. Keep it with you. Read it again and again and again. The Little Book of Light fills the empty spaces of the soul.”~ Martina Newberry, author/poet

“I have my Little Book of Light in my hall bathroom so I often pick it up and randomly read one of the ways or two while I’m in there. Frequently I am accompanied to the restroom by my children so I take the time to read a few ways to them as well. The love it! Often we leave the room singing, dancing or acting crazy in some way or another…thanks, Mikaela!”
~ Christine Leon, Mother of 3

 “I LOVE your very inspirational little book! It seems every time I open it, it’s a message I need to have in that moment.Thank you, Mikaela, may God bless you.”
~Mayrita Varna, retired

“Mikaela’s book is a welcomed vitamin for my thoughts. The energy behind each page can set the tone for my whole day.”
~Paul Clausen, Actor

Oil painting of angel

About: Mikaela’s Angel Essence Readings

“The images you received were amazing and so appropriate to my life. Robin Hood sitting at the poker game and all the people cheering him on had specific meanings for me that was VERY helpful, thank you! Your higher wisdom and their messages have given me the clarity I was seeking to proceed in my chosen career. THANK YOU!” 
~Amir Ness


“Mikaela Jones is a pure light medium. She brings both her authenticity and integrity into her work. I have had a number of angel readings from her and they are always amazing! They are always filled with imagery that blows me away… She  saw me riding a rollercoaster in an amusement park and that I had to overcome my fears, when she didn’t even know I was afraid of them going back to my childhood.  In another reading she told me to follow the Yellow Brick Road and she didn’t know I had just placed a picture in my bedroom three weeks earlier that has a yellow brick road in it…I’d done it to remind me to follow my chosen spiritual path more closely! Many of the readings also validated my personal relationship to Christ, which was very moving for me. She is a jewel!! Get your angel reading! She will blow you mind and help your life!”

  ~Margaret Mary Fitzgerald
The Path of the Heart Ministry
Ph.d Candidate Para Psychic Science Published Author, World Renowned Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive


“Mikaela’s angel readings do not mess around. All my questions were answered with astonishing clarity–including honing in on a particularly sticky block, and supplying complete instructions for clearing it. It was all the more interesting because Mikaela doesn’t know me well, but the angels do! Behind my happy-go-lucky exterior lurks….well I’m not telling you, but the angels hit it bang on! Highly recommended.” 
~Casey Scott

I wasn’t sure initially about doing an angel reading but there was something about Mikaela that made me incredibly drawn to work with her. My intuition did not fail me. I was blown away by the reading. I had a huge concern that has haunted my for many years. Each morning without fail I would wake up with the same issue and I was forced to deal with it. Saying it was driving me slightly nuts was an understatement. It was haunting me and I felt torn between two choices and two different lives. Mikaela’s reading gave me the clarity I needed instantly. For the first time in many years, I had a clear understanding of my life path and the decisions I’ve made in life. The words Mikaela used accurately explained exactly how I was feeling as if she could read my inner most thoughts. To top it off, the angel reading left me with another huge gift, sharing something that only my partner and I know. How cool is that? Any doubts I had about angel readings were completely washed away. I am a total convert! Mikaela’s writing style, along with her humor made the angel reading experience life changing and worth every cent.
~Ingrid Arna

”Thank you so much for the angel reading, Mikaela. It was awesome and really put things into perspective for me. I’m using the angel with the cat-eye glasses and the pink lipstick as my guide now…I liked the reading so much I printed it out to keep with me to read for inspiration. Thanks again!”
~Rain Stewart

”Mikaela’s angel reading are absolutely AWESOME! It’s like she is a translator of a foreign language “the angel language”. She’s been doing reading for me every few months for over 2 years now. I find it very helpful to  print out what she sends and save them in a special notebook that I go back and review every couple months to remember the message and stay mindful of what was given.”
~Emily Dill

”That was amazing, thanks Mikaela! I was really moved by how the Angels said that my husband and I needed to make sure we took our daily walks out in nature…you see, we’d stopped for awhile!! Now, thanks to the Angel reading, we’re back on track…we love appreciating the gardens together. Being out in nature together, as the Angels said, has really made a big difference for us and for our relationship. And Mikaela didn’t know any of this!” 
~Amira Roberts

“The angelic reading I received was amazing.   I found it very healing and gained much greater understanding of myself. From the Reading, I could see that everything I’ve felt connected to or drawn towards has had its purpose, which was deeply revealed to me by my guides.  I realize now that my guides were always there but I had just been skeptical. Now, after this Angel Reading from Mikaela,  I will never be skeptical again. It took an outside perspective and encouragement to bring me and my guides into full contact. Infinite Blessings to you, Mikaela!”
~Zach Madrid

”My Angel Reading with Mikaela was so accurate and comforting! Not only did it confirm a few things that had been issues for me for quite awhile, but I was also able to gain greater insight into some questions that had just come up recently.  My angel guides gave me some really helpful advice to handle these on-going challenges, which I’m confident will help me immensely.  The information, images, and directions I received from the Angels was both specific, detailed, and felt ‘right’. I gained a lot of inner peace from it. Thank you Angels, and thank you Mikaela!, 
~Noel Henry

 “An amazing reading. It was very helpful. Two words: Do it.”
~Amanda Jones who is no relation to Mikaela Jones

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