Rest in the Uni-Verse


Dear Friend, What if we truly took to heart that we live in a Uni-verse, and that within this ‘One Song’… that there is only the one God/Source/ Beloved expressing itself in/as all people, places, things, time… and because God is all LOVE…everything, yes everything that happens in life serves our greatest awakening to ever […]

June 29, 2012

How Does Faith Look?


Dear Beautiful One, How does faith look to you? Take a moment to be quiet with this question and let it sit with you. Be honest with yourself… Knowing the answer can make a powerful difference in your life. Many people when they think of faith, the energy they most often bring to mind (if […]

June 17, 2012

God Is Not A Someone… God Is In Everyone.


Dear Beautiful One, God is not a Someone. God is in Everyone. God is Chris, God is Joe, God is Laura, God is Mary… The list goes on and on…for as many billions of Souls there are on the planet.  How blessed are we that we can consciously CHOOSE to be the lens through which […]

June 1, 2012

Got Drama? Who Doesn’t? Be of Tender Heart…


Dear Friend, If you feel that you are weighed down by any drama in your life, or by the drama of those around you or in the world at large, please do yourself and them a HUGE favor and do your best to refrain from any negative judgment.  Many think they have an open mind, […]

April 6, 2012

How to Make a “Ripe” Decision


Dear Beautiful Friend, Often when there’s a big decision to make, too many move forward too quickly… which often ends up being a sideways move, or even a move that takes one a few steps backward. This is not to be judged, as all moves will lead us to a deeper awareness; however, the more […]

March 30, 2012

Childlike Innocence


Dear Friend, This week, dear one, I’d like you to practice approaching the world with a childlike innocence. This childlike innocence comes from an unwavering trust in one’s inner light, one’s connection to source, God. The knowingness that everything is an adventure to be appreciated…that each step offers a teaching and a gift. There is […]

March 9, 2012

Bring It On!


Dear Friend, Call it 2012, call it the polar shift, call it what you will, it seems that many I speak with every week lately are being asked to face new challenges, grow new muscles so to speak, and rise to oftentimes crazy occasions with courage, love, and peace in their hearts…on a daily basis!!! […]

March 2, 2012

The Upside of Chaos


Dear Friends,   Don’t think that in order to receive messages from God/Source, your inner guidance, that you must be completely calm & peaceful.   Rather than the ‘hum-drum, business-as-usual’ routine you may have used to describe your life at times, sometimes you unconsciously create situations where disappointment, stress & chaos seem to be the […]

February 24, 2012