Sound Healing Practitioner

Everything in life (and your body) is energy vibrating. Everything in life (and your body) functions optimally when vibrating in an aligned, harmonic flow. Just like a musical instrument, stressors can  bring you out of alignment and out of this harmonic flow; leading to all forms of ‘dis-ease,’ whether that be physical, mental or emotional.

My sound healing, sound therapy sessions are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. The enable your body, mind, and spirit to move back into this harmonic flow and move into inner peace, release, and self healing . They relax the body, calm the mind, and lift the Spirit. They activate your body’s natural internal healing systems. Stress and anxiety melt away. Inner peace, well-being & Inspiration flow in… 

The cacao elixir, (should you wish to include) helps open your heart and complements the sound healing, therapeutic sound bath beautifully. It is vegan, organic and contains no alcohol or CBD, etc. 

You can receive a sound healing bath from me EITHER in my sound sanctuary loft in my cabin in Rockaway Beach OR I can come to your home anywhere along the coast (within an hour-ish) and/or when I’m in Portland to conduct a sound healing sound bath for you and your friends. See rates for in my cabin just below OR email me for my rates to come to your home. 

Going through a big transition time like processing a divorce, a death, or the loss of a job? Alternatively, are you experiencing the stress of a new job or planning a wedding? 

A sound healing, sound therapy session with me can help you release stored emotion/ energy, and nourish your nervous system (and entire being), so that you can navigate this delicate process and time with more ease and clarity. 

Physically, sound healing works through the water of the body, which is comprised of 70-90% water. As I play the Sacred Sounds, every cell in your body begins to vibrate in resonance with the harmonic sounds, bringing your system back into a state of Harmonic Flow, allowing self-healing, well-being, and clarity to flow

Sound Healing Frequencies 
+ Intention
= Healing/Manifestation

– Jonathan Goldman


A one-on-one or a small group session with you and your friends is a unique and delightful way to celebrate your birthday or your impending nupitals, or just as part of a sweet ‘self-care’ day at the coast! The beach is a ten minute walk or a 2-minute car drive and there are some delicious restaurants close by that have organic food too. (Except Mondays/Tuesdays most places are closed here.

Research shows that sound healing, sound therapy sessions:

• lower blood pressure, heart rate

• boost the immune system,

• lower stress hormones like cortisol

• increase the release of the feel-good endorphins; dopamine and serotonin

• soothes the nervous system

• increase the oxygen levels in the body, and a more oxygenated body translates to a more healthy body

• takes your brain into the deeper brainwave states of Theta/Delta, in which deep insight becomes possible, well-being and higher states of consciousness flow in.

• During a sound healing bath session (or in the immediate days following), many of my clients experience “Ah-ha’s”, heightened creativity, & profound Inspiration. Many have also experienced communication with Spirit Guides, or have spontaneous moments of bliss.


My private one-on-one and small group therapeutic sound healing sessions done in my cabin sanctuary with you lying on a comfortable foam mat covered in a faux sheep skin rug and blankets and surrounded by various sound healing instruments. I can host 1-4 people in my sound sanctuary loft. 

The property is just a 10 min. walk or 3 min. drive to the beautiful beach and the infamous Twin Rocks of Rockaway Beach.

I can also gladly come to YOU for your special birthday party events, self-care day treats, baby showers, etc. Please email me for my rates. I do them frequently both on the northern coast and in Portland, Or. 

Private One-on-One 
One-on-one sessions are sliding scale
Private Small Group
(up to 4 people)

Private small group sessions are $199
for two people and $25 for each additional person.

Sacred Cacao Elixir

A sacred cacao elixir is available for an extra charge for two or more people if you so desire.

A 16 oz. batch for two people is $25 (you will most likely have some to take home with you.)

Special Additions

I also usually include Essential Oils and Reiki in both my individual and small group sessions based on your situation/needs at
no extra charge.

To Book Your Appointment,
write to:

Plan to be here for approximately 1.5 hours which includes a brief orientation, over an hour long sound bath, as well as regrounding.

I accept cash, check, Venmo, or credit card.
Credit card payments are an extra $5 for their fees.

I offer discounted rates in special circumstances as well as cash discounts and frequent ‘bather’ packages.

You may tip if you feel inspired to.

I have studied sound healing intensively with Master sound healing pioneers, Jonathan Goldman,  Wayne Perry, and Steven Halpern.  I have also studied Himalayan / Tibetan vibrational singing bowl healing with Suren Shrestha, who was born, raised, and trained in Nepal. I have over 25 years background as a meditation teacher, hypnotherapist, manifestation teacher, and
practitioner of Reiki , Modern Mystery School, and New Thought principles.

I have been practicing sound healing since 2007. My training in sound healing & sound therapy enable me to play my sound healing instruments in a certain order & pattern for maximum relaxation & rejuvenation.

The sound healing instruments I use to bring your body/ mind/ spirit into deep relaxation and self-healing are:

  • Tibetan singing bowls
  • Nine crystal singing bowls (one for each chakra + 2 huge 22″  crystal bowls)
  • Chinese Wuhan gong and solar gong
  • A plethora of Solfeggio tuning forks
  • Crystal pyramids
  • Koshi chimes
  • Rainsticks
  • Peruvian cacho seed pods
  • My voice in the form of toning or chanting,
  • and other sweet therapeutic healing sounds.

Gift Certificates

Sound Bath Sessions are a great idea for a birthday gift, or wedding gift, or simply as a special Self-Care sound bath ‘spa day’ with a friend. Rockaway Beach is a great vacation spot for a weekend getaway or business brainstorming session.