Hi there! I am currently on winter hiatus from doing private sound healing sessions on the coast until January 7th, but I am available to come to your home in Portland when I’m in town. Please email me to inquire. 

Usually I’m delighted to offer private sound healing bath sound therapy sessions in my Rockaway cabin (as well as in Portland) now. I have space in my little cabin’s living room/ loft for up to 5 people. Many people have told me they think it’s the perfect sweet place for a sound healing bath and turn it into a self-care spa day. The property is just a 10 min. walk or 3 min. drive to the beautiful beach and the infamous Twin Rocks. 

So I warmly invite you to Rockaway for a day of body/ mind/ Soul Self-Care! Get a sound healing bath, have a cup of tea on my porch, stroll on the beach, enjoy delicious food nearby in town and stay at a local motel/hotel if you want to make a mini-vacation out of it. (Scroll down to read more about sound healing and my rates.)

I’ll still be coming into Portland one week/month to host my monthly cacao ceremony & sound healing bath events as well as my small group Tibetan singing bowl Deep Dive Sound healing sessions (7 people max). Please see ‘Events’ to learn more about all of my powerfully nurturing & restorative sound healing events. 

I also offer private sound healing ceremony events in Portland both in people’s homes or studio space can be rented. These Sound Healing Ceremonies include creating a ceremonial, sacred space, Intention setting, breath work, as well as the multi-instrumental sound healing bath. It can also include a delicious, heart-opening cacao elixir if you like. Please email for my rates. 

I’m especially honored to (and have provided) sound healing bath ceremonies for people experiencing terminal illnesses or issues related to such, or for other rite of passage events such as birthday parties, wedding gift or commitment ceremonies, fertility ceremony, baby shower, or honoring a loved one via a memorial service. Keep reading for more information on sound healing therapy, my training, and more. now  until

Oil painting of angel and roses at sunset


About Sound Healing Therapy/Sound Baths: 
Everything in life (and your body) is energy vibrating. Everything in life (and your body) functions optimally when vibrating in an aligned, harmonic flow. Unfortunately, the stress of life can  bring you out of alignment and out of this harmonic flow; leading to all forms of ‘dis-ease,’ whether that be physical, mental or emotional.
My sound healing, sound therapy sessions bring you back into a state of energetic harmonic flow. My sound healing, sound therapy sessions are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. They relax the body, calm the mind, and lift the Spirit. They activate your body’s natural healing systems. Stress and anxiety simply melt away. Peace & Inspiration flow in… Restoring you to harmony so that you may live your highest expression and deepest fulfillment. 
(Scroll halfway down the page for individual & small group session  rates)
Physically, sound healing works through the water of the body, which is comprised of 70-90% water. As I play the Sacred Sounds, every cell in your body begins to vibrate in resonance with the harmonic sounds, bringing your system back into a state of Harmonic Flow, allowing self-healing & well-being to flow. 
 Research shows that sound healing, sound therapy sessions lower blood pressure, heart rate, boost the immune system, and lower stress hormones, like cortisol, while increasing the release of the feel-good endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. Sound healing bath sessions soothe the nervous system. Sound healing sessions also increase the oxygen levels in the body, and a more oxygenated body translates to a more healthy body. Sound healing also takes your brain into the deeper brainwave states of Theta/Delta, in which deep insight becomes possible. Well-being and higher states of consciousness flow in. During a sound healing bath session (or in the immediate days following), many of my clients experience “Ah-ha’s”, heightened creativity, & profound Inspiration. Many have also experienced communication with Spirit Guides, or have spontaneous moments of bliss. 

                      “A problem cannot be solved at the same consciousness level in which it was created.” -Albert Einstein


I have studied sound healing intensively with Master sound healer, Jonathan Goldman, as well as Wayne Perry, and Steven Halpern.  I have also studied Tibetan bowl vibrational healing with Master Tibetan Bowl healer, Suren Shrestha. I have over twenty-five years background as a meditation teacher, hypnotherapist, manifestation teacher, and practitioner of Reiki & New Thought principles. 


Sound healing, sound therapy sessions allow for powerful energetic clearings to occur. They can help you release negative energy you have taken on, conscious AND unconscious energetic blockages, which creates healing, peace, & rejuvenation. And while not a replacement, they can be a great complement to traditional talk therapy as they can help release blockages from past traumas in the body/mind/spirit without getting into the ‘story’ of it.  They are a great complement to Western medicine when facing chronic or life-threatening diseases like cancer, fibromyalgia, neurological diseases, insomnia, Ptsd, and more as it provides the body with such a deep rest, which is needed for healing. After a sound healing session with me, people feel clear, lighter, and deeply relaxed… with a restored sense of strength and well-being. 

I have been practicing sound healing since 2007. My training in sound healing & sound therapy enable me to play my sound healing instruments in a certain order & pattern for maximum relaxation & rejuvenation. The sacred healing instruments I use to bring your body/ mind/ spirit into deep relaxation and harmony are Tibetan singing bowls, eight crystal singing bowls (one for each chakra + a huge 22″ crystal bowl), Chinese Wuhan gong and solar gong, a plethora of Solfeggio tuning forks, crystal pyramids, Koshi chimes, Shamanic drum, tongue drum, rainsticks,  Peruvian cancho seed pods, my voice in the form of toning or chanting, and other sweet therapeutic healing sounds. 
Perhaps even more importantly, I also hold you in the highest vision of your intentions and dreams… We discuss what those are for you in the beginning of the session. If we are each born with ‘Superpowers’, one of mine is my ability to hold a clear vision and feeling tone of my clients in their bliss, in the vision of their heart’s dreams. Between the clearing benefits of the sacred healing instruments and my ‘Superpower’, I’ve helped clients achieve everything from health & vitality, to new jobs, amazing promotions, increased self-esteem, new homes and even new babies when previously couples had been having trouble getting pregnant.



I offer private individual & sound healing bath, sound therapy sessions for two in my new sound sanctuary space facing the forest in my cabin, just a short walk to the beach in Rockaway Beach, OR. . Email me for my available Portland dates or to make a sweet beach getaway day or weekend at my cabin in the coast. 

Email me for availability and to set up your unique and transformative relaxing therapeutic sound healing bath session at

Private One-on-One Sound Healing Session Rates:

My private one-on-one therapeutic sound healing sessions are done in my Sanctuary with you lying on a comfortable foam mat covered in a faux sheep skin rug and blankets… Surrounded by various sound healing instruments. 
My appointments last 90 minutes, with over an hour long sound healing, as well as re-grounding. 
One-on-one sessions are sliding scale $100-150. I accept cash, check, Venmo, or credit card. Credit card payments are an extra $5 for their fees.
I offer discounted rates in special circumstances as well as cash discounts and frequent ‘bather’ packages. Feel free to ask me about them. 
You may tip if you feel inspired to.  
Special Additions Included 

In addition to the healing sound bath frequencies, I usually include the following modalities in individual sessions. based on your situation/needs if you would like me to at no extra charge.
 **Essential oils — Different essential oils used topically or aromatically are great for all of the above too

 **Reiki — flowing universal healing energy via my hands.
I became a level Two practitioner in 1991. I usually do this at the end of a session for at least a few minutes.

“Sound Healing frequencies + Intention = Healing/Manifestation” – Jonathan Goldman

Private Small Group Therapeutic Sound Bath Session Rates

My private small group (up to 5 people) sound bath sessions are an over hour long sound bath in my Sound Sanctuary along with a brief orientation & re-grounding afterwards. 
They  are $170 for two people and $30 for each additional person. 
These small group sound bath sessions are a great idea for a birthday gift, or wedding gift, or simply as a special Self-Care sound bath ‘spa day’ with a friend. Rockaway Beach is a great vacation spot for a weekend getaway or business brainstorming session.
 You will lie on thick memory foam mats covered in faux sheep skins on the carpet. I provide pillows / blankets, but you may bring your ownif you like. I accept cash, check, Venmo, or credit card.
You may tip if you feel inspired to. 

Sacred Cacao Elixir & Sound Healing Bath

A sacred cacao elixir is available for an extra charge for two or more people if you so desire.
A 16 oz. batch for two people is $25 (you will most likely have some to take home with you. It will last in your fridge up to a week.) For four people, you’d simply get two batches (and take any left-over home with you.)
The sacred cacao elixir helps open your heart and complements the sound healing, therapeutic sound bath beautifully. It is vegan, organic and contains no alcohol. Cacao does contain caffeine, so if you are especially sensitive to caffeine, it is best to simply have a small amount and save the rest for other times (over a week). 

I  am available for your 
business wellness
& corporate therapeutic sound bath sessions, yoga classes, retreats
as well as private birthday parties
or special occasions. 

If you are looking for a way to help your employees release stress and hit the ‘refresh’ button for creative forward thinking, a one hour therapeutic sound bath is both a deeply relaxing and powerful way to accomplish just that.

A private sound bath can be a relaxing, sweet celebration for a mother-to-be.

Private Sound Bath sessions by Mikaela Jones

A private sound therapy sound bath also makes an extra memorable wedding gift
for the newly wed couple. 

A therapeutic healing sound bath in your home or office is available for an extra charge.
Please email me for rates for your home sound bath.


I have been doing sound therapy, sound healing sessions (both publicly and privately) on the west coast since 2007. The frequencies of the sound healing instruments travel through the water in your body, allowing your body, mind, and Spirit to come back into alignment & harmony with your True Self’s Blueprint Expression so that deep relaxation and rejuvenation can occur on a cellular level. A private sound healing session not only supports your body to heal, it also helps shift your vibration, creating more opportunity in your life. It has been my experience & observation as both a sound healer & a hypnotherapist, that when we regularly get into this deep internal meditative brainwave state (Theta & Delta) our DNA’s highest expression can be more fully embodied and we experience more wellness and fulfillment in life.

And no worries if you’d really only like to hear the crystal or tibetan bowls played, you got it. Everything but the drum or tuning forks? No worries. You will still receive a complete ‘attunement.’  For the sound sensitive, I will ‘test’ out the different instruments on you first to see how you respond.

I am also the co-creator of the Portland Sound Sanctuary, a multi-musician / multi-instrumental sound healing meditation group, which offers monthly sound healing meditation events in the Portland area.

See my Events page for a calendar.

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