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Awakening Wellness Center
1016 SE 12th Ave · Portland, OR

Group Biofield Tuning & Sound Healing Bath with Andrew McIlrath & Mikaela Jones

Andrew is back in Portland for a brief visit so we are offering this ‘Tune-up’ while he’s in town again… Come anchor your balance with Mikaela Jones and Andrew McIlrath in this evening of creating electromagnetic equilibrium and harmony via sound frequencies.

Biofield Tuning, a form of energy healing using sound, supports energetic alignment by using tuning forks in the electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies. Like many energy healing modalities, the energy can be received collectively with intention in a non-local manner.

For this session, Mikaela will begin with a crystal bowl sound bath, and then Andrew will use Biofield Tuning on the collective energetic hologram via stones on a table. Andrew will share what information comes up that may connect with the group and individuals, which via the tuning forks, will support our ability to process and auto-correct into balance. Upon completion, Mikaela gently bring your back with further healing sounds.
Individuals feel lighter, more grounded, centered, and anchored in their bodies after a session.

$25-$40 sliding scale. Cash only.
Doors open at 6:45, so consider arriving then to allow for us to settle in for this amazing evening.

It is very important to be fully hydrated before and after the session.

More on biofield tuning: Like a gyroscope, we have an energetic balance, in the central axis along the length our bodies, and from the solar plexus; the two horizontal axis’s for the width, and front to back. By activating anchor points, we initiate coherent balance, supporting the whole system.

We will activate and tune 8 points within your energetic body:

Central axis
Earth Star chakra
Sun Star chakra
Deep Earth star
High Sun star (galactic and cosmic connections, big consciousness)
Balancing your center, as well as Mother Zone, Father Zone and more…

IMPORTANT NOTE: Biofield tuning is intended for individuals in general good health and is contraindicated for people who have pacemakers, women who are pregnant, individuals diagnosed with cancer or anyone with any advanced disease.

ALSO: Please be mindful of the quiet container we intentionally hold lovingly at our events so everyone can go deeply into the sound healing session without distraction. Please do not attend if you are having a current health challenge that could potentially disrupt other’s experiences around you.

More information about biofield tuning:


MIKAELA JONES is a trained sound healing practitioner in private practice and has been offering public sound healing bath events since 2007. She has over twenty five years training/teaching experience in spiritual & healing traditions from intensive sound healing and vocal toning training with Jonathan Goldman, Suren Shrestha, Wayne Perry, and Steven Halpern, to meditation, manifestation, hypnotherapy, New Thought, Modern Mystery school training & Reiki. She provides individual sound healing sessions & small group sound healing baths from her home in SW Portland, and is also the author of “The Book of Light: 365 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life” and “The Little Book of Light: 111 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life”, both released by RedWheelWeiser. Her Intention is to restore you to harmony & joy so that you may live your best life. http://www.HealingSoundBaths.com/

ANDREW MCILRATH is a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner (Past Life Regression). Working with clients since 2014, he works with sound frequencies and the subconscious mind to support the shift of emotions, energetic imprints, and beliefs about ourselves and the world to create changes that allow individuals to thrive. His greatest intention is to support the evolution of humanity by empowering individuals to shift into alignment with source. He offers individual and group sessions using Biofield Tuning, past life regression, and botanical formulations.

Leaven Community Center 5431 NE 20th Ave · Portland, OR

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing Bath with Mikaela Jones

Come Release & Receive a gentle body/mind/spirit Reboot with this deeply relaxing and rejuvenating sound healing ceremony that includes Intention setting, a delicious, heart-opening cacao elixir (optional), toning (A.KA voice vibration to move stagnation), and a long therapeutic sound healing bath with various sound healing instruments played both around you and over you by trained sound healing practitioner, Mikaela Jones, Nate Jensen, and other Sound Alchemists. (Pam Mortenson will be playing her didgeridoos.)

What are you ready to release? What are you ready to receive into your life? We will use the power of Intention, a sacred cacao elixir & sacred healing instruments–crystal signing & tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, drum, solfeggio tuning forks, handheld gongs, flute, sansula, chimes, etc to release stress, and invoke higher wisdom, healing & well-being. You will leave feeling relaxed, centered and more connected to your True Self.

***Please bring your blankets, mats, cushions/back jacks & pillows to create your own comfy, sanctuary nest. Also, great to bring water and eye mask to go deep into Theta.

***Since listening is key to this experience, it is necessary to have a quiet container for our journey together. Please do not attend at this time if you have persistent sniffles or cough. For this reason, this event would not be a good fit for children under 12.

Doors OPEN at 6:45. Please arrive then to have time to get your cacao and get settled into your cozy nests.

$25 Optional Cacao Elixir: $5.
Cash, Venmo, credit card accepted at the door.

More about sound healing baths: Sound healing frequencies lower stress hormones, increase our feel-good/ happy hormones, reduce blood pressure, relax and balance the nervous system, and increase immunity, leading to peace, spiritual clarity and emotional well-being.

***Mikaela will be preparing and providing a home-made warm cacao elixir that is organic & vegan — made with a delicious ceremonial-grade organic raw cacao in an organic coconut-milk base for $5. The cacao elixir will help open your heart gently and powerfully. This plant Deva helps us more deeply connect to our Inner Truth of love & bliss. If you have issues with digestion, are pregnant, are on any medication that is a MAO inhibitor, or are extra sensitive to caffeine, it is recommended that you only drink a few sips due to its potency. It keeps in the fridge for a week, so you can drink a bit and then save for later too.

MIKAELA JONES is a trained sound healing practitioner in private practice in SW Portland and has been offering public sound healing bath events since 2007. She has over twenty-five years training/teaching experience in spiritual & healing traditions from sound healing and vocal toning training with Jonathan Goldman, Suren Shrestha, etc, to meditation, manifestation, Modern Mystery school training & Reiki. A multi-published inspirational author of the Book of Light & Little Book of Light, it is her Intention to restore you to harmony so that you may live your most fulfilling life.

For further information, contact Mikaela Jones at mj@mikaelajones.com