Online Sound Bath Calendar

Ready for your online sound bath? I livestream the online sound baths from the loft of my cabin on the coast.  Self-care at its most harmonious!

online sound bath

Be cozy and comfortable in your own home. No need to drive, park or hire a babysitter. Make no mistake, the sound delivery and our combined energy in an online sound bath or my online sound bath ceremonies is just as beautiful and powerful as in person. 

Generally, I do/will continue to do one Sound Healing Ceremony event per month with my  Crystal Singing Bowls on a Saturday from 7:30-9:30, one Tibetan Singing Bowl Bath per month on a Saturday from 3-4pmish. The ‘ish’ is there because sometimes they go ‘over’ a bit. I let Source flow through me and sometimes more time is required. 

I’ve moved to Colorado! Coming up soon!

Please Stay tuned… All of my belongings are due to arrive this week of 9/14 in my new home in Colorado. I’ll get my sound studio set up ASAP! 
 — 7:30-9:30 pm PST

Online Sound Healing Ceremony:

My monthly Sound Healing Ceremony is a beautiful combination of Intention Ceremony + Breathwork + Manifestation Meditation + Transcendent Sound Bath Journey with crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Solfeggio tuning forks, Shamanic drumming, as well as various chimes and sweet nature instruments like rain sticks and Peruvian Seed Pods.


$22-35 sliding scale depending on if you’re financially challenged or not right now during this time.

Click to purchase your tickets and to learn more 

I look forward to joining you in the beautiful and magical sound frequencies of one of my online sound bath events soon! All have special pricing for the time being while we face this current global challenge. I recommend you participate in as many online sound baths as you can to release stress & worry, and to come back to your center, to your inner peace…so that you can be your Best Self.

Email me if you’d like me to put you on my mailing list where I list all of my monthly livestream virtual / online sound baths with dates & times, etc.

May All beings be peaceful and be well … and may All beings know they a

“I, like everyone else, have been pretty stressed out lately.  I’ve been to Mikaela’s sound baths in Portland and wasn’t sure if a Virtual Sound Bath Meditation would be as good. I was pleasantly blown away. With just a phone and my cheap earbuds, it sounded like she was playing the instruments right here in my bedroom! And when it was over, I didn’t need to schlep all my stuff and drive home! I simply drifted off into one of the deepest sleeps I’ve had in months. I woke up feeling refreshed, lighter, and more ‘me’ then I have in some time. I will definitely be doing these regularly. Thank you, Mikaela, for getting set up to do these virtual sound bath meditations!”
~ C. Leon 

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