Tibetan Bowl Deep Dive Sound Bath (8 ppl max) w/ Mikaela K. Jones

Give your body, mind and spirit a treat with this beautiful therapeutic Tibetan/Himalayan bowl deep dive session with my 25 singing bowls- limited to 8 people – so that I have time to play the bowls both in front of you, around your head and ON your body.


The experience of a Tibetan bowl vibrating around and on the body is deeply relaxing, healing and clearing. People have experienced remarkable reductions in pain symptoms & anxiety/stress, and enhanced states of extended peace and well-being during/ (for days) as a result of my tibetan bowl sessions. I’ve been told there’s nothing like it in Portland that remotely compares.


This is very similar to a private session with me in that everyone will experience the instruments close up and in depth with MUCH more time spent on each person than in one of my regular sound bath events that have 30-50 people.


So I warmly invite you to come experience my Tibetan/ Himalayan bowls (I have many more than pictured in this photo) as well as my handheld gongs, chimes, temple bells, tingshas, and some of the sweetest nature-like sounds like my ocean drum and cancho seed pods. You will go deep inside, deep into the slow Theta brainwave state, where self-healing, alleviation of stress & anxiety, and sublime transcendental states occur.


I ask that you write on a small piece of paper a few lines about what you’d like to receive from this session (i.e., what is your Intention AND any physical ailments you may currently be experiencing). This will help me focus my bowl playing on you to maximum benefit.


I will also be sharing my therapeutic essential oils– frankincense and lavender — for this sound healing session as well as my high vibrational rose water spray. It is not necessary to experience either for a deeply beneficial treatment, I offer them as an option.




After numerous attendees and sound healing clients told me I was way undercharging myself for this session, I have set the fee for this small group session to $45. You can purchase your ticket via the eventbrite link. Tickets must be purchased in advance so so you can easily see if space is available. I’d hate for you to show up with all of your comfy gear and not be able to get in.


Buy tix here  




You can also Venmo me at:


email: mj@mikaelajones.com to see if there is still space available



2285 NW Johnson St. This beautiful Studio is on the top floor on the corner of NW 23rd St. and Johnson… It has gorgeous windows/skylights. It is amazingly very quiet. It is paid parking in this neighborhood (FREE after 7pm) and can sometimes be a bit challenging, so please give yourself extra time to park and walk over. (there is no elevator.)


Please bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket to make a cozy nest. It is a carpeted floor. As well as your eye mask and water for your ride home. There are lots of cafes and restaurants in this neighborhood too. 🙂


Please refrain from coming if you have any kind of cough or sniffles, thank you.


I look forward to joining you in the sublimely beautiful healing vibrations of these ancient sound healing instruments.



MIKAELA KATHERINE JONES is a trained sound healing practitioner, member of the American Sound Healers Association, has a private practice in Portland & Rockaway Beach, OR and has been offering public sound healing events since 2007. She has over twenty-five years training/teaching experience in spiritual & healing traditions from sound healing and vocal toning training with Jonathan Goldman, Suren Shrestha, etc, to meditation, manifestation, Modern Mystery school training & Reiki. A multi-published inspirational author of the Book of Light & best-selling Little Book of Light, it is her Intention to restore you to harmony so that you may live your most fulfilling life.






Mar 26 2020


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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