Angel Guidance

My Angel Guidance services are powerful and unique. I’ve been offering them since 2006 when the first edition of the Little Book of Light came out (that the Angels prodded me to write).  I don’t use any divination tools like cards, etc., I simply go into deep meditation and ask to speak with your and my Angel Guides of pure love and golden light. I ask them to show me Images and messages that will help you receive comfort, clarity and empowerment regarding your question(s). I write it out and email it to you. 
I’ve been told there is ‘nothing out there like them’ by many many clients, who have been receiving Angel Guidance from me for many years. They are sometimes literal, but more often they are mythic, fantastical, and/ or fairy tale-like. 
Receiving Angel Guidance from me is like watching a powerful little movie written by the Angels specifically for you
Two Types of Angel Guidance Services 
I now offer two types of Angel Guidance Readings: Essence Angel Guidance and In-depth Angel Guidance

Essence Angel Guidance

Readings reveal the gist or essence of a situation which includes images/often movie-like sequences, and any messages I receive. They are about 1.5-2 pages long and are $47 each. 
These are great for anyone who likes to pursue their own symbology of the images I receive. This can be fun to research on the internet. You can search for dream symbology or animal totems, etc. This is also great for people who consider themselves to be fairly intuitive and you can delve deep into your own meditation on the Images and Messages I receive. I have some clients who absolutely LOVE these and have been receiving these types of services from me for years

In-depth Angel Guidance
This Reading is longer– usually about 4 pages per question and includes not only the Images, Image Sequence (movies), and messages I receive for you, but also my interpretation of the Images/ Messages, as well as any spiritual counseling guidance I have to offer on the situation, to aid in your manifestation, etc. This service is $83 per question. I do not offer any group question deals at this time as these take a lot of energy and I generally do only one  per day. 

Whichever Angel Guidance Service you choose, I recommend going back and reading the Guidance received down the road as many people receive more info/ Ah-hah’s overtime. 

How to Get your Angel Guidance from me

You can pay me for me the amount for the Angel Guidance you’d like via the following avenues/ apps: 
Paypal at: 
Venmo: Mikaela-Jones-6
Cash App:  $MikaelaJones6
Credit Cards: (coming soon)
Check: Send to Mikaela K. Jones
PO Box 1170
Crestone, CO 81131
As soon as I receive your payment, I’ll put you in the queue to connect with your Angels and receive their Guidance for you! 
I’ll email you and let you know approximately when that will be. It’s usually within 3-10 days. 
Once you have sent your payment, please email me your question(s) to 
If it’s an emergency, please let me know. 
Please visit my ‘Praise’ page to see many testimonials for my Angel Guidance. 
Remember you can always ASK YOUR ANGEL GUIDES for HELP too. They want to help you! 
And because of free will, you must ask for their help first. Remember to ask for help from your Angel Guides of Pure Love and Golden Light. 
And you will receive help. I promise. 
Many blessings for your Divine Unfolding. 
Mikaela and the Angel Guides