Moving From “Uggh” to “Ahh!”

Blog / Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Dear Friend,

You’ve heard me say before (especially if you’ve watched my video on the Delight Frequency on my site), that we all have a vibrational set point in every area of our life. The primary areas being: health, career, money, relationships, family, creative expression, sexuality and learning/growth.

An easy way to gain clarity on what your vibrational set point in a particular area is, is to close your eyes and feel into that topic, say money, for example… and allow your authentic emotional response to arise.

If the feeling that arises had a voice and could speak, would it say something like: “Uggh, Ouch or Eeek!?” Don’t worry. It’s alright. Now that you can see what your subconscious response is (that spontaneous first response), you can shift it if you so choose.

If you find yourself feeling/saying: “Ahhhhh…Ooooh, or Oh yeah, baby,”… then you know your vibrational set point is in alignment to bring you your Divine Design… your heart’s desire.

So how do we move from the “Uggh to the Ahhh?”

Gently. Gradually. Take each area in which you’d like to raise your vibrational set point, and imagine how it would feel to feel really good in this area. Close your eyes and visualize it..or don’t. After you’ve done this awhile, you can simply ‘call’ on the desired feeling and step into it. What’s most important is that you feel it. Really feel into it for a few minutes. Take some deep breaths. Allow the “Ahhhh” to arise naturally.

Ask Source to guide you and help you allow the “Ahhhh” in every area of your life. Ask Source to help you surrender to your Divine Plan, which is your highest fullest expression in each area. Your Divine Plan is not based on your past experiences. They are simply things that have happened to you, but they don’t have to limit your Divine fulfillment and expression in this life.  You are not your past experiences and any decisions you made about yourself or the world were simply illusions based on the meaning you gave the situation at that time. Remember who you are as a spiritual being of light having an earth experience and step into your rightful “Ahhh..”  It’s your birthright.

What would it feel like to feel “Ahhhh” with money? Step into it now. Feel it down to the tips of your toes.  Hold this vibration for as long as you can, a minimum of 30 seconds. Do this practice with every area in which you’d like to raise your predominant vibration.

And remember, all you need to do to surrender into the arms of Spirit and the Support of Source is to take a few deep breaths and exhale with an “Ahhhh…”

With Infinite Love,

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Columnist,
Delight Frequency Manifestation Teacher


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6 Replies to “Moving From “Uggh” to “Ahh!””

  1. Very good advice – that deep breath and sigh is an Oxitoycin release – bound to improve our mood!! Fear is so pervasive that most don’t realize they are “infected.” It is a dis-ease – and underlies much illness… Love that you address simple methods to overcome fear and open to possibilities.

    Your CD is a good routine too – so enjoy it. An over-all “…ahhhhHHHH good feeling” Love, Cheryl

  2. This is one of my favorite blogposts! Right now my “Set Point” is dragging in a few areas. Almost like a stuck fuel guage. Thank you for the reminder to breathe and visualize “Full!” instead of “Empty?”

    BigLove right back atcha!

    1. That is an AWESOME visual, Jane.

      A gas gauge on FULL instead of EMPTY… yes!

      And remember to feel the RELIEF of knowing that you now have the freedom to move forward and see and go everywhere you want to go for your greatest fulfillment.

      Blessings to you!

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