Delight in the Expression of God Through/As You

Blog / Friday, July 20th, 2012

Dear Friend,

What is arising within me to share with you all this week is a prayer… a prayer FROM God/Source/the Beloved Infinite Intelligence:

May you settle into the awareness that you are each an Expression of Me in physical form as you.

Take a breath… Really get this… you are perfect as you are…NOW. There is no need to change or fix anything. If you could know how much I love you and adore you, you would let go of all of your doubts and fears.

Please, accept this fully in your heart now… You are perfect, whole and complete as you are… NOW.

Take another deep breath… Ahhh…

The only thing I ask of you, ever, my beautiful child, is to follow the Vision and the Voice that arises within your heart when you sit quietly with me.

You are here to live the inspiration and beauty that arises within you from me in all of its glorious and infinite manifestations through humanity… not because there is anything to FIX or DO or ACHIEVE in the world… but rather because it will bring you your greatest JOY and that is why I created all of this…

So if you get a feeling or a thought or you hear my voice (which will sound like a powerful, loving version of you but may be as soft as a whisper), that says “Swim… or spend more time with your grand kids or eat more broccoli,” (you get the idea), follow through with action because it is a step on your path of delight to becoming the most fulfilled you.

The television and your family and society will always have their opinions. Trust in me in this, dear One, listening to your True Self (which, like the sun, is a ray of me as you), is the only path to true fulfillment and your greatest Joy.

And that is all I have ever wanted.

With Infinite Love,

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Intuitive,
Delight Frequency Manifestation Teacher


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3 Replies to “Delight in the Expression of God Through/As You”

  1. Namaste – “the god in me – honors the god in you” – Great reminder that we are each divinity and our inner guidance is always inspiration!! We knew that as kids… it gets pushed aside in a busy life.

    Sure been busy lately – lots going on with workshops, friends and Shaman clients… and little time for ME!!! Good reminder to chill out. Think I’ll take a trip to Glen Ivy Hot Springs and give myself a spa day! Blessings and love, Cheryl

  2. Mikaela…Thank You for sharing that Beautiful Heart/Mind piece and Loving Words..
    WE are more then what we were EVER led to believe….and WE FEEL it…KNOW it…LOVE it….WE thank our LOVING DIVINE for every second that WE BREATHE/SEE/TOUCH/and SHARE the MAGNIFICENCE….of Mother Earth and all that dwells…Let’s SEE her WHOLE/GREEN/VIBRANT/FLOWING RICH HEALTHY RIVERS/ALL HEALTHY LIFE/LOVING AS SHE HAS BEEN IS NOW AND ALWAYS WILL BE….Much Love Dear One….

  3. Thanks Mikaela! I love this message–so simple and pure. I find that I’ve told clients this often and am surprised that this is the biggest message that spirit wants them to get. It doesn’t matter about whatever personal issue they came to me about–usually I end up telling them that they are loved and beautiful and amazing just the way they are. I guess we all need to hear it– A LOT! So thanks for putting this out there. I, too, need to be reminded!


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