Rest in the Uni-Verse

Blog / Friday, June 29th, 2012

Dear Friend,

What if we truly took to heart that we live in a Uni-verse, and that within this ‘One Song’… that there is only the one God/Source/ Beloved expressing itself in/as all people, places, things, time… and because God is all LOVE…everything, yes everything that happens in life serves our greatest awakening to ever deeper Love and Joy?

What if we took this on as a matter of fact? As the Truth that it is?

I practiced  this remembrance this week, and even though not everything went as the mini-me (personality/ego) would have liked… Inside, on a deeper level, I was/am present to an unfurling… an opening and a surrendering more and more to the unconditional Love of my higher Self/ True Self (sometimes it’s a shame we have to use all of these labels/words.. isn’t it?)

An unfurling like the most beautiful, fragrant flower simply Being It’s Self. There is so much beauty and bliss in this space… a ‘relaxing’ as it were back into one’s Self.

There is nothing to do, nothing to get, nothing to figure out… Nothing but relaxing in the arms of Source which not only ‘has your back’… it’s invisibly guiding you in a dance of ever greater awareness, love, and joy.

I invite you to step into this awareness this week:

You can try on this affirmation if you feel inspired to do so:

“I live in a Uni-verse, with One loving, all-powerful God/Source Expression which has my back in all things, and which gently guides me in an ever expanding dance of Love, Empowerment and Joy.”

With Infinite Love,

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Columnist,
Delight Frequency Manifestation Teacher


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2 Replies to “Rest in the Uni-Verse”

  1. I love the idea of remaining in ‘at-one-ment’ with the divine power of All That Is.

    That pesky ego, though, gets in the way soooo frequently, it’s challenging to remain in that state of bliss, where there is no conflict, and no separation.

    This affirmation should help. Thanks, Mikaela, I’m trying it today!

    1. Yes, it’s a day-to-day challenge, Caelan, that’s for sure. We can pray for God’s grace and do our best, that’s all…

      Let me know how the affirmation goes for you; I’m enjoying it myself!


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