God Is Not A Someone… God Is In Everyone.

Blog / Friday, June 1st, 2012

Dear Beautiful One,

God is not a Someone. God is in Everyone. God is Chris, God is Joe, God is Laura, God is Mary… The list goes on and on…for as many billions of Souls there are on the planet.  How blessed are we that we can consciously CHOOSE to be the lens through which the attributes of God are clearly seen… in Everyone… not just in a Special Someone. That’s easy.

Remember, humans are to God as waves are to the ocean… So seek out the God in Everyone…No matter if they are aware of their own Divinity… or not. No matter if you or they are having a ‘bad’ day… or not. No matter if you see it with your own outer eyes… or not.

If you have difficulty seeing, ask your Inner Sight and your Angel Guides / your Guidance Crew to help you see the Truth of that person…. and it will be revealed to you via the doorway known as your heart.

As you choose to be the Seer of that which is the True Self that Lives in Everyone…again… in Everyone…even those who horrify and repulse you– Your energy of Support and Love will cause the Everyones of the world to blossom in LOVE right before your eyes.

And that’s when you’ll need to get out your big shades because imagine a world where everyone feels Seen for the LOVE they are… for the Radiant Being of light they are…for the Child of God they truly are… no matter how broken or wounded.

Now That will be one bright, radiant world… and you… yes YOU, Beautiful One… will be the secret cause of all of it.

With tears of gratitude,

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Columnist,
Delight Frequency Manifestation Teacher

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14 Replies to “God Is Not A Someone… God Is In Everyone.”

  1. Dear Mikaela:

    The beauty and power in your words are beyond my ability to intellectually reason. They just work on me. Just pure love.

    Always grateful to know you.


    1. Yes, Barbara, I agree, that is when it is THE ABSOLUTE MOST DIFFICULT…

      For me, my way out of total condemnation is knowing that every action is either an act of love or a cry out for love. It also helps me to see it as the God force energy within them has been misdirected… at least in this way, there is hope that they can open up to the love of God WITHIN THEM and become realigned to their own God Source and choose better actions next time.

      This is my prayer. I also believe that people don’t come into the world ‘evil’ they are made that way over time by rotten childhood experiences, etc. So I do my best to have compassion, and I agree, IT IS NOT EASY.

      Blessings to you for broaching the subject with honesty. I appreciate it.

  2. Hey Mikaela…YOU always ask such Awakening Q’s…it provokes thought that also apply’s to ourselves…It is easy to see God in those who are smiling..helping others..and do good in this world…It is difficult to see God in those who are just the opposite…but I have to think more about the things that I do that are good and the things that I do that are not so good..For me it is important to see God in myself and share my Love/Light and Joy to other’s..Enjoy your trip sister….

    1. Joyce, I always appreciate you sharing your wisdom here in these conversations.

      It is so key for us to be aware of our own actions/ thoughts, etc, and ask if we are in alignment with our God Source or if we’ve somehow gotten out of alignment through our fear or the ego,etc.

      Blessings to you, Sister, for continuing to ask the important questions!

  3. I think it helps us be more compassionate if we can recognize that we are one…all of us have that divinity. It helps us release judgment about people being “better” than others, and helps me, at least, remember that God is everything, not just what we judge to be “good” all the time. Underneath the Divine balancing of all things, however, all is Love. Thank you for reminding me to let go and remember this more frequently! You bring so much love and shining celebration of life. Thank you.

  4. This is a great reminder for me Mikaela to see the goodness and light in everyone! Hope Portland treats you well and congratulations on your book being released soon. I have a feeling its going to be a bestseller!

  5. It is sure easier to see the God Self in some than in others… and yet it is the ornery ones that need the grace the most!

    Good insights – again. Always enjoy your turn of phrase… and fun too. Blessings! Love, Cheryl

    1. It is the ornery ones that need grace the most, thank you, Cheryl… so true.

      I try to remember that every action is an expression or a cry for Love… it helps… often, anyways… not all the time. 🙂 Still practicing!


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