Eight Spiritual Attitudes for Aging Gracefully

Blog / Friday, April 20th, 2012

Beyond the physical practices of eating a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables, keeping the body moving, and nurturing yourself with mindful & heart-centered relaxation, more of us every day are realizing that the spiritual attitudes we hold in life are just as important to live fully and age gracefully. I think of the ladies featured in this issue of ADS and how bright their light still shines… so inspiring! I’m nearing forty-six, and am often told I look and act years younger, haha! My life hasn’t been ‘easy’, so I own that as a result of practicing (to the best of my ability), living the following eight spiritual attitudes. When I reach my 80’s, I’m pretty confident I will still be looking and acting much younger…wearing purple and all! Let’s do it together…

1. Know Thyself. Be yourself, not somebody else’s idea of who you should be. Own your gifts. Listen to your heart to find your life’s purpose and express it. Over time, the expression of your purpose will change. Give it your all… L-I-V-E, LIVE!

2. Practice seeing the world with the eyes of your inner child. It expands your ability to experience the magic of life. Take delight in the small moments of your day… the sun on your face, the taste of a peach, a wild flower poking through a crack in the sidewalk, a child’s laughter. These pleasurable moments will juice you up if you take the time to truly appreciate them.

3. Release the past. Let the power of your inner light, your True Self, heal your ‘could haves’, ‘should haves’, and ‘wish I would haves’.

4. Hold your head high. You are a beautiful and powerful being of light. Remembering that you are a spiritual being having a physical adventure helps you hold life in perspective and take yourself more lightly.

5. Give up being perfect. As long as you’re in the body, you still have things to learn and experience. It’s not your job to be perfect; it’s your job to share your light. In so doing, you will inspire and uplift those around you. (You’ll also have a lot more FUN!)

6. Trust in the process of your life. Even if something ‘bad’ happens. Have faith that something good will come from it. It may take awhile to see the blessing, but you will. Set your intention for the future, and be unattached to the results. The Creator may have a different and better plan for you.

7. Make compassion your word for the day, your word for life. Give others a break, we all make mistakes. Forgive yourself and others, and remember you’re never alone. You’re always connected to your light. Ask for guidance. Ask to grow.

8. Learn to laugh at yourself. You’re pretty funny. Come on, you know you are. Laughing at yourself is one of the best prescriptions for slowing down the aging process. (Don’t worry, your eyes will shine so bright, nobody’s going to notice any ‘laugh’ lines through all that radiance!)


It is my prayer that these eight spiritual attitudes will enable you to live with more peace, courage, and joy in your heart…which is in all ways, a timeless and precious beauty. These eight spiritual attitudes all come from The Little Book of Light: 111 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life, being released by Red Wheel Weiser in padded hardcover this September. But you can purchase the 4” x 6” paperback version while supplies last for a 50% discount, $5.50/copy,  on The Little Book of Light page.

This blog post first  appeared in my Shine Your Light Column of A Distinctive Style Magazine. Click here to see the original article as well as read some other great articles on JZ Knight, Ann Margret, and Linda Gray.

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10 Replies to “Eight Spiritual Attitudes for Aging Gracefully”

  1. Once again Mikaela a great blog! To aging beautifully and gracefully with a full and fulfilled life!
    Thank you,
    Keep it coming

    1. Ha! I agree Janet. I find when people live these kinds of spiritual attitudes, their inner beauty shines and they appear outwardly radiant and gorgeous!

      Certainly beauty magazines could use more of this focus on internal beauty and living fully for graceful aging and beauty.

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. What a lovely challenge to reverse aging – and at the same time – enjoy life.

    Unhappiness and anxiety is toxic – and is easy to see on someone’s face – and body.

    I love the process of forgiving – and releasing all hope of a better past. EFT and TAT are both very powerful – but Ho ‘Oponopono is my favorite.

    Stressful feelings have to go – and I love your insights for achieving it. Great post. Much love, Cheryl

    1. Indeed, Cheryl. Those who know how to enjoy life.. no matter what… are those who age with the most grace as their inner beauty shines bright!

      Thank you for your beautiful comment and thanks for the EFT and TAT and Ho’Oponopono prayer… yes, all very powerful tools for removing stress ( the biggest sign of aging indeed!)


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