Living smaller than you’re destined to?


Are you living in the

shadows when KNOW you are meant to SHINE?


I’ve been there and I’ve overcome.

Despite life’s hard knocks both in childhood and as an adult,

I’ve more than survived… I’ve thrived.

And there’s one thing I know for sure…

So can YOU!


 It may be little in size,

but the 111 Ways in the Little Book of Light are mighty…

They will help lift you up, raise your vibration, 

and get you back on track to becoming the bright light

you are intended to be.


They will help you live the fulfilling life you deserve.


Over 10,000 sold of the self-published version and now the new Padded Hardcover edition with New Intro and many New ‘Ways,’ is being  released by Red Wheel/Weiser on Sept. 1st, 2012 in a padded hardcover!


“If you would love to be inspired, uplifted and enlightened then Mikaela’s Little Book of Light is certainly the magical book to read. It will help you to discover and awaken your inner wisdom and help bring out the most loving and empowered you.”

~ Dr. John F. Demartini, Bestselling author of The Breakthrough Experience & Featured in THE  SECRET




With its compact “6 x 4”  pocket-size, velvety smooth padded hardcover, it makes the perfect transformational pick-me-up, and can fit in your purse, your nightstand, your office desk drawer or your car’s glove compartment!


The Little Book of Light came to me at a pretty dark point in my life when I was processing another layer of some early childhood trauma. I sat in meditation and asked God/Source, and my Angel Guides… “How can we bring more light into our lives? How can I better live from my own inner light?” The 111 Ways are the answers and they are ideas, tools and techniques that I have used both for myself and with clients over the years to live from our hearts, to face the setbacks of life with more grace, and to share our unique gifts with the world, and SHINE!

“Disguised within the ‘lightness” of this little book, is the Real Thing.

The simple suggestions in The Little Book of Light carry Truth and a deep Wisdom we can live everyday. What a wonderful world we would enjoy if everyone would follow Mikaela’s simple guide!”

~ Marina Aguilar, MFT, CPCC


The Little Book of Light makes the perfect uplifting little gift for yourself or a loved one…it will provide encouragement, spiritual nourishment, and perhaps even moments of enlightenment.


So spread the light. Buy the Little Book of Light for yourself and/or a loved one, and you will become a lighthouse of peace and delight unto the world.



May The Little Book of Light lift you up, empower you to life your True Self, and help you stay committed to your dreams. Here’s to sharing our gifts and shining bright in our own unique ways… no matter what!
In Love and Light,