Sound Healing — Private & Public Sound Healing Baths

Sound Healing Offerings:

Private Group / Corporate, Individual & Couples’
Sound Healing Baths


Public Monthly 2-Hour

Sound Healing Bath,

Toning & Cacao Circle


3rd Wednesdays
Portland Sound Sanctuary Oasis-

Public One-Hour Sound Bath with rotating local musicians


Private Group & Individual Sound Healing Baths

I (by myself, or with Viola Rose and other musicians) provide private group sound baths for business and corporate settings. If you are looking for a way to help your employees de-stress, regroup, and feel refreshed for creative forward thinking, a one to two-hour sound bath event is a delightfully unique and powerful way to accomplish just that.

Please call me, Mikaela directly at 503/705-1609 or email me at to discuss what kind of sound bath event would be best suited for your group’s needs, and to get a price quote for those options. (Please read below for further description of the benefits of sound healing baths.)

I also provide private one-on-one/and couples  Sound Healing Baths in which I use a combination of many sacred sound healing instruments and tools played over you/ around you to help you reach a deep, inner state of relaxation… In this place, body, mind, emotions & Spirit come back into balance, bringing you back into your own unique Resonance and Harmony.

Studies show that some of the benefits of sound healing are: lowered blood pressure, increased oxygen levels in the body, increased release of endorphins, lowered stress hormones like cortisol and increased levels of oxytocin.

While I don’t claim any medical benefits, many have reported to me physical healing, removal of emotional blocks, creative flow restored, positive outlook regained & clarity achieved, among other benefits like a renewed appreciation of life, themselves & others, and an overall feeling of peaceful well-being.

I use a variety of instruments — such as tibetan & crystal singing bowls, drum, horizontal Chinese WuHan gong, Peruvian Cacho seed pods, Solfeggio tuning forks, Otto tuning forks, chimes & bells, and more to get you into a deep state of relaxation where you receive the powerful frequencies of the sound healing instruments.

My one-on-one / couples Sound Healing Baths are one hour long and are offered at the special sliding scale rate of $45-$75 for one person and $90-125 for a couple.

My Studio is near NE Glisan & 81st Ave., but I can come to your home for an additional charge if necessary.

Please email me to set up a session at or call me at 503/705-1609.


Monthly 2-Hour Sound Healing Bath, Toning & Cacao Circles (a public event)


In this magical monthly event, we use the power of our voices via toning & chanting– the sustained, vibratory sounding of single tones, often sacred vowel sounds and mantras, sacred healing instruments–such as crystal signing & tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, handpans, native american flute, chimes and drum, as well as a sacred cacao elixir, to release stress & negativity, to invoke healing, empowerment and well-being, and to expand into the abundantly wise, joyful energies of our Souls.

This Circle is a powerful blend of active participation via the group breath, toning & chanting exercises, which open and prime your physical/spiritual/emotional body system, and then lying back and receiving the powerful vibrations of the instruments played over your body while you recline — aka a sound healing bath.

This group experience is extremely relaxing and transcendent, whether you tone more loudly or barely a whisper. Toning can be dated back to the ancient priests & priestesses of Egypt, Hindu yogis and Buddhist monks, just to name a few. Sound vibration, whether a vibration created via the voice or via an instrument can powerfully bring the body, mind and spirit back into a state of RESONANCE, AKA HARMONY, creating health and well-being.

Sound healing also releases the energetic blockages that prevent us from living our Divine Perfect Patterning, so we can more readily experience HARMONY & BLISS. GRACE begins to magically unfold in our lives.

Led by Mikaela Jones in breath and toning exercises/crystal & tibetan bowls and providing the sacred cacao elixir, and accompanied by Viola Rose on handpans/Voice & guided meditation, Chris Rollins on didge, Pam Mortensen on didgeridoo, flute & kalikmba, we will begin with invoking the Deva of the the cacao elixir (optional ), leading into about 30 minutes of group breath & vocal toning exercises to open, release and expand into the higher frequencies of our true Selves. Then you will lie down and be bathed in the soothing and uplifting vibrations of a myriad of Crystal singing & Tibetan bowls, TWO didgeridoos played over you, handpans, drums, Voice, etc. to further deepen your healing and expand into A STATE OF BLISS. Peole have reported miraculous healings… Be open for miracles!

Sliding Scale $22-$33 cash only

Upcoming Dates: Saturday, 3/4, Saturday 4/1, Saturday 5/6.

Where: Awakenings Wellness Center located at 1016 SE 12th Ave. Portland, OR. Please enter the Studio (which is located in the back) via the ramp located on the north side (left side) of the building.   AND TABOR SPACE located at SE Belmont Ave. & SE 54th Ave. Please email me for the event’s location for that month.


3rd Wednesdays
Portland Sound Sanctuary Oasis One-Hour Sound Baths (a public event)

Join us for a mid-work week Oasis, a hump day Sound Vibration Recharge in our monthly Wednesday evening Portland Sound Sanctuary Oasis where you will lie down on cozy mats & blankets and receive a one-hour sound healing bath by 4 rotating local Portland Sound Alchemists, who will play a variety of instruments over/around you.

Examples of instruments to be used include crystal signing & Tibetan bowls, chimes, bells, gong, drum and didgeridoo to hand pans, harp, flute, cello and violin… Sound healing helps bring your body, mind and Spirit into harmony and a deep nourishing Resonance on a cellular level.

So, come with an Intention to Receive Healing and Higher Guidance… or simply just to In-joy, Relax and Rejuvenate in this mid-work week Sound Sanctuary Oasis.

Please arrive by 7:45 to get settled in… The Sound Bath begins promptly at 8:00.  **There is no cacao elixir at this event. You can enjoy the cacao elixir at our monthly Portland Sound Sanctuary’s Sound Healing Bath/ Toning & Cacao Circle.

Love Exchange: $17-$22 sliding scale exchange

Please email Mikaela Jones at to reserve your Oasis spot(s) for yourself and your friends.

Upcoming dates:  Wednesday, 3/15 and Wednesday, 4/19 and Wednesday, May 5/17.

Where: Awakenings Wellness Center located at 1016 SE 12th Ave. Portland, OR. Please enter the Studio (which is located in the back) via the ramp located on the north side (left side) of the building.


Join the Portland Sound Sanctuary Facebook group to keep abreast of all of our sound healing events.


We look forward to seeing you in the Oasis!
Mikaela Jones, Viola Rose (and rotating Sound Alchemist Guests)






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