Mikaela Jones - Author, Sound Healer, Channel for the Angelic Realm

Please contact Mikaela if you would like to set up a private sound healing bath or a speaking engagement at:


If I had to describe myself in a few words, it would be ‘joyful, yet grounded & practical channel for the angelic realm.’ 

As such, I offer private individual & group sound healing bath sessions both in my home in the southwest and in the Portland metro area; lead lively book reading events on the Book of Light and Little Book of Light on the west coast, and with great honor, deliver Angelic Advice Readings internationally via email.

I have over thirty years training & teaching experience in spiritual & alternative healing traditions from intensive sound healing and vocal toning training with Jonathan Goldman, Steven Halpern and Wayne Perry, to meditation, hypnotherapy, New Thought, Modern Mystery school training & Reiki Practitioner attunements.

I am also co-creator of the Portland Sound Sanctuary, a multi-musician / multi-instrumental sound healing meditation group, providing sound healing bath meditations in the Portland metro area.

It is my Intention to provide inspiration & upliftment and be a mirror of empowerment & joy for all.