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Mikaela Jones delights in life… deeply… daily. Even when it’s a crappy one. “You can always delight in the feel of the sun or the rain on your face, the breeze, the green of the trees, the vibrancy of a flower, a child’s laughter, a cat’s purr, a soft touch, a harmony of voices or the progression of a chord of music,” says Mikaela.  “Allowing yourself to find delight daily will give you reprieve from the ills of society, from the routine  and rut of your day, it will juice you up, save your ass when you’re down, and help you fulfill the personal vision you hold for yourself.”

Mikaela is the author of The Little Book of Light: 111 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life  (over 10,oo0 copies sold of the self-published version), & was released as a padded hardcover by Red Wheel/Weiser Sept. 1, 2012 and going strong!  She is also a screenwriter,  facilitates Email Angel Readings, and leads a number of monthly sound healing events in Portland, OR and on the road.

An inspirational speaker, she has been  studying and practicing consciousness and holistic healing since her youth.

While she has always had a huge passion for writing and envisioned herself as a published author since she was a kid,  Mikaela did not set out to write The Little Book of Light. Rather, the Little Book of Light came to her in meditation in a vision in which she literally saw the cover of the book in her mind’s eye.  She is delighted the book chose her to write it.

The 111 Ways from the Little Book of Light are techniques and ways of being that Mikaela has used for herself and shared with clients over the years. The Ways helped Mikaela overcome living ‘quiet’ & ‘small’ most of her early adulthood as a result of the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. She’s happy to say that she’s now living her personal vision and loves inspiring others to do the same.

Mikaela says she likes to think of herself and The Little Book of Light as spiritual cheerleaders of sorts. It is her deepest prayer that her work will help lift you up when you’re down and empower you to live authentically from your True Self so that you may experience joy and shine your light with the world.






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