Watch the sweet & wise Lion-El, the lion read and discuss some of the ‘Ways’ from The Little Book of Light: 111 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life below…

Warning: Spontaneous tears of laughter and joy may ensue,

so choose your viewing location appropriately.

In this first video, Lion-El reads Way # 70 from the Little Book of Light on embracing your inherently playful nature. Enjoy!


Lion-El was born in Tanzania, however at an early age was kitten-napped and taken to a Scottish zoo, where he picked up his Sean Connery accent. He later escaped to the Himalayas of Tibet where he studied for years with the most honorable monks and recited mantra all day. It was there he met his friend, Nate Loomis. They now reside in the USA, where they enjoy being in parks and chatting about life and living it fully with Presence.


In this next video, Lion-El leads us through Way #16 from the LBOL,  a deep-breathing meditation. Please don’t try this in your car while driving! Lion-El would like to nibble on your neck if he ever has the good fortune of meeting you in person…Enjoy!



In this video, Lion-El reads Way #59 from the Little Book of Light on the importance of taking risks and winning big!



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The NEW 4×6″ padded hardcover Little Book of Light is NOW available wherever books are sold, including online at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Please note that the ‘used’ ones listed in their marketplaces will be the previous paperback editions.

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