Hello dear friends, after a brief hiatus after doing Angel Readings for ten years, the Angels have me back… giving you powerful advice via Imagery and practical and inspiring messages.

We offer you two different kinds of Readings: Angelic Advice Readings & Essence Readings. 

With this reading, you will receive 2-3 pages of both Imagery around your question that the Angels show me as well as any messages that come through. These readings are particularly good for asking how to manifest or how to shift something in your life. You may give us as much or back story on your situation/issue as you like. A little can be helpful so that I can put the Imagery they give me into context. And sharing your story with a trusted confidante (that would be me), can be healing in and of itself to be heard.

Each Angel Advice Question you ask
is $56-75 sliding scale

You will receive a minimum of 2 pages of text advice per question.

Simply Paypal or send me a check for $56-75 sliding scale per question to mj@mikaelajones.com

Their advice will help you move forward with clarity and confidence, helping you create a more fulfilling life.

Some typical questions for
Angelic Advice Readings:

• How can I manifest more prosperity in my life?
• How can I create a more fulfilling relationship / or draw in my life partner?
• How can I create more health in my body?
• How can I experience more peace and lead a drama-free life?
• What is my purpose?
• How can I enhance my connection with my Guides/ Higher Self and increase my intuitive abilities? 

are purely Image based. In these Readings, I ask the angels to show me the Essence of a situation, a person or a place in relationship to you. These Readings are perfect for people who love to dig deep with the Images, analyze the dream-like Imagery and movie-like sequences on their own. I’ve had clients for many years who love to use a dream interpretation book, etc. and find many different layers of meaning that provide rich and valuable information. 

Angel Essence Readings
are $33 per question. 

Typical Essence Reading questions include: 

• Is this job/career suited for me? Is it part of my highest path at this time? 

• Is this place where I live (or possible new location) suited for my life path, etc., etc… 

• What is the essence of my relationship with this person? (This question will show your connections with other people and if they are romantic long-term potential, good business partners for you, etc.)

The angels often give me powerful Imagery that is often movie sequence-like, and often fantasy-like and/or fairy-tale like, laden with meaning unique and particular to YOU and the Essence of what you need to know about the situation (or potential situation) about which you are asking so that you may move forward with the most clarity and power. 


While the angels provide Imagery & messages that uses my psychic abilities as a channel, the Readings are not predictive per se. They are rather a way to gain clarity into a person, place, idea or situation so that you can make more empowered choices in your life. Neither beings on the angelic realm or myself see ourselves as fortune tellers, so let me be clear, these Readings DO NOT PREDICT your future. Your future is dependent on YOU and your overall vibration & focus, which can change as your vibration changes. And the advice the angels will provide will help your overall vibration raise substantially if you focus and follow through on their advice.

Angel Readings speak directly to your Soul… Providing comfort, direction, and practical advice.

I am often scheduled with readings a week in advance, so it may take me a week to ten days to email your reading to you.

“Thank you! Amazing Imagery… Powerful… So helpful…”
“Best Reading I’ve ever had. Ever. Wow.”
~ Some typical responses from Angel Reading Clients
“Mikaela’s Angel Readings always blow me away…She is a pure light medium. She brings both  authenticity and integrity into her work. I have had a number of angel readings from her and they are always amazing! They are filled with imagery that blows me away! Get one, and you’ll see! She will blow your mind and together with the Angels, help your life!”
~Margaret Mary Fitzgerald
Published Author, World Renowned Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive

With each Reading, I ask to connect with both your own and my Guides – who consist of beings from the angelic realm. I always ask that the Images/words I receive be in alignment with your Higher Self. I also set the Intention that the Angelic Advice Reading help you fulfill your highest potential deepest fulfillment in this lifetime.

My Angel Readings are unique in that I literally energetically take myself to the Angelic dimension and have a ‘meeting’ of sorts with your Angel Guides regarding your question(s). No oracle or divination cards of any kind are used. Your guides simply give me powerful Imagery that is often movie sequence-like, and often fantasy-like and/or fairy-tale like, laden with meaning unique and particular to YOU and the Essence of what you need to know about the situation (or potential situation) about which you are asking so that you may move forward with the most clarity and power.

To get started, simply Paypal $56-75 per Question for an Advice Reading or $33 per question for an Essence Reading to: mj@mikaelajones.com  and then email me at the same address with your questions and you’ll be on your way to receiving some powerful guidance that will propel you forward in your life in a profound way!

You may order one or as many Angel Readings as you like and I will do them in the order received — usually within a  week– but sometimes can take longer if my schedule is full. I will let you know when you send me your question approximately when you will receive your Reading.

** Paypal is easy and safe, but I will also take checks. Just email me if Paypal is an issue for you. 🙂

“WOW.   Mikaela — you are  SO Plugged In!  The specificity of the imagery was so spot on…So many thanks for the much-needed clarification and direction. I am now an official member of your fan club!
~Susan Lancaster

I/We look forward to being of Service to you in this way.

With Love and Light, Mikaela & her Angel Guides

Angel paintings by Nate Jensen – www.natepjensen.com

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