Got Drama? Who Doesn’t? Be of Tender Heart…

Dear Friend,

If you feel that you are weighed down by any drama in your life, or by the drama of those around you or in the world at large, please do yourself and them a HUGE favor and do your best to refrain from any negative judgment.  Many think they have an open mind, and yet if you are judging, you do not. If you had walked in their shoes you would see clearly, but you have not, so how could you know? You do not.

Let compassion for your fellow man/woman be your rule, your moral compass, your mantra. Seek to understand why they are how they are…and in the meantime, give them the benefit of the doubt. They are most probably doing the best they can with what they’ve been given.

Refrain from your mind’s quickness to judge and cut off, cut out… Instead create an energetic bridge of compassion from your heart to theirs.

When you think of them, do not think of the ‘wrongs’ you feel they have committed, it’s already happened. What good is there in reliving it in your mind? None whatsoever, my friend. This only reinforces this heavy emotion in your energy field, and via the universal law, attracts more of the same to you.

Feel the emotion, but then let it go. Hit STOP on the REPLAY button in your mind. Let the energy flow out and away…literally shake out your arms and legs… bounce up and down on the soles of your feet. Ask God to transmute the energy into a higher form of light.

If this feels difficult to do, remember this brother or sister that you judge is a reflection of you…We all need patience and forgiveness. Even you.  Nobody is 100% nice all of the time. Nobody is 100% wise all the time. Give each other a break, and send them prayers of tenderness and light. Send it to them often…whenever they enter your thoughts.

With a sincere and devoted practice of compassion, you will feel yourself uplifted into illuminated states of being. Peace will wash over you, your heart will open wide with contentment in this new found freedom, and you will be able to MOVE FORWARD and LIVE YOUR LIFE… which is what you are here to do.

With Big Love and Bright Blessings,
Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Columnist,
Delight Frequency Manifestation Teacher


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  1. joyce jones says:

    Hey Mikaela…Dear One….I was just thinking that you do such a Beautiful job on your Blog’s…are they shared on fb??? If you think about it or if you have wondered through fb enough you are aware that there are a number of very sensitive people who tend to take comments too personally…and who i believe would/could benefit from your expertise…I am serious…your messages are very important and would be helpful…What do you think????Much love Joyce…

    • mikaela says:

      Hi Joyce, first, thank you! I do share them on fb, but it’s one of those things where you have to be online at that time to ‘see’ them I think. You can also share them TO FB by clicking on the fb button below. 🙂 And yes, we all could use compassion at the same time as not taking things so personally. I love that phrase: It’s none of my business what people think of me! haha.

      Bright blessings to you!

  2. Letting go of the negative is so critical to Well Being – never said enough! You put it really well too.

    I use Ho ‘Oponopono on ALL negative thoughts and feelings – right away too. I find it is much easier to let go – with a practice and a commitment TO STOP IT. Thanks for you little Beam of Light – love them. Blessings, Cheryl
    Cheryl Janecky recently posted..Mar 17, How to Overcome Fear FAST – One Easy Step

    • mikaela says:

      Thank you, Cheryl. Yes, love the h’opono pono prayer too! Thanks for mentioning it here so hopefully others will check it out as well. If you youtube it, many videos come up that will lead you through the process. I find it to be one of the quickest ways to shift hurt/anger into peace and well-being… indeed! 🙂

  3. Aryan says:

    Happy Easter you blessed soul! May you go holy Mikaela. Lots of love, a huge fan

    • mikaela says:

      Thank you for the Easter blessing, Aryan, I hope it was a magical and holy day for you as well… we are blessed!

  4. Yasmin says:

    My dear Mikaela, something in your writings always resonates so deeply and this time it’s the statement “Ask God to transmute the energy into a higher form of light.” A simple but powerful prayer that can dust off the soul and remove any debris of negative thought. Thank you for the gentle reminder.

  5. mikaela says:

    My pleasure, Yasmin. I love using this prayer both on myself — for discordant energies such as fear or anger, etc…– as well as when i see others in rage and pain… it’s very powerful, indeed! Thank you for stopping by… bright blessings to you!

  6. Thanks for the reminder about judgment. I work on this particular thing a lot and encouragement is welcome!

    Melinda Pajak recently posted..The Force – Podcast #4

    • mikaela says:

      Mmmm yes, I think we all can never have too many reminders on how to step out of judgment as quickly as we can… myself included… probably why it came to me to share. 😉

  7. Laura Doll says:

    Once again, your blog touches on a subject that has come up frequently in the last week or two in my life. Thank you for your insight and compassion, Mikaela. They shine brightly.

  8. How Blessed and supportive are your words for all who read them!!!

    YES – we must release the Toxic Blame that we hold onto consciously and UN-Consciously – many of us don’t even realize that it goes right down to the cellular level and keeps our DNA from manifesting our gifts – – keeps us sick.

    Toxic Blame harms no one but ourselves. Cheryl Janecky’s chosen practice of
    Ho ‘Oponopono is a wonderful one for releasing others . . AND OURSELVES . . . world situations . . . from our conscious and UN-Conscious blame and guilt . . . . Another is EFT or Sedona Method used on each place that we KNOW and/or guess that we may be holding blame – – – Tapas and Pstec can also be useful tools –

    And of course healing prayer . . . asking to release our angers, blame, and guilt to the Divine – – God, Goddess, Nature or however one addresses the larger Divine – and then, when we can – seeing the person or situation in the light of the Divine Heart – Eternal Light, Love, and Joy until we can fully FEEL that they are there and feel joy about it . . . THIS can help . . . –

    As usual – – thank you for the timely and wonderful supportive Blessing of your heart felt words!!!! HUGS!!!

    • mikaela says:

      Thank you so much, Deborah, for contributing to this rich topic. It’s always such a pleasure to hear your perspectives…bright blessings!

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