Dear Beautiful Friends,

Just as the acorn and the sunflower have the Divine Design to become a mighty oak tree and the tall, proud sunflower, so too do we have a Divine Design. How do we Ascend our limiting beliefs and Accept the Divine Design for our life? How do we manifest this for ourselves so that we may bring the greatest amount of BLESSINGS to the world?  Here’s what I’ve been given from my higher guidance recently and I want to share it with you! It’s an easy, five-minute process, which is best to be done every day at the same time of the day if possible. *Doing any kind of energy work at the same time everyday builds the energy as it’s in alignment with the Divine Design of nature. Think of the rhythm of the breath, the tide, the seasons.*

1.) Declare: “I am now receiving all of the help I need from God and the higher realms to release any and all false ideas I may have regarding my Divine Design and any beliefs that keep me from manifesting my Divine Design now.” Take a deep breath and trust that it is done! (Give thanks.)

2.) Declare:  “I am open and accepting of God’s Divine Design for my life. I ALLOW God’s Divine Design for me to be made manifest through me, in me, as me…now.” (Give thanks.)

3.) Have a seat, close your eyes, and take a couple deep breaths…In through the nose, out through the mouth. Visualize yourself on the most beautiful tropical beach. See the blue waters close by and all around you a sea of sand. Notice how the sun reflects off of each crystalline particle, creating a sea of tiny sparkling stars. Feel the warmth of it against your feet. Then ask God and the Christ energy to lead you to the reality which reflects the manifestation of your Divine Design… and then notice how one area of the beach begins to sparkle brighter… or you may notice how you feel yourself drawn to one area of the beach… then simply walk over and allow yourself to REST there, completely relaxed and available. Feel the PEACE of this place wash over you.

4.) Again in your mind, affirm that you are open to receive everything you need to manifest your Divine Design…one step at a time…now. (You don’t need to add ‘with ease and grace…’ God’s Divine Design is always with ease and grace. The lessons only appear when we are not listening. Here, in this relaxed state you are open, you are listening… you are receiving God’s Divine Design.

5.) If you have other things to attend to,  end there by saying: “Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done. ” (just come back the same time tomorrow)… and if you have more time, continue relaxing on the beautiful warm, sparkly sand for as long as you like…

6.) Then keep a keen eye out for guidance… FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION… and expect to experience synchronicity every day!

Please share with your friends and loved ones who you feel are interested in manifesting their Divine Design… NOW is the best time to manifest your Divine Design!

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