Navigate Your Day with Intention & Gratitude for a Sweet and Graceful Journey

Dear Friend,

We all know about the power of Intention and the power of Gratitude, but this week I’d love for you to try on this practice in perhaps a slightly new and different way than you have before…You’ll be amazed at how great you feel!

Here it is: Before you begin a new activity or portion of your day, take a moment to think about what you’d like to get out of the experience. Then, when you are done with that particular activity or portion of your day, take a moment and think about what you are grateful for from the experience. If something didn’t turn out as intended, find something from it to appreciate.

So many of us (myself included oftentimes,) only set our intention at the beginning of the day… and then at the end of the day we give gratitude. This is far better than nothing at all, indeed.

But dear friend, if you make a habit of doing this before and at the end of each portion of your day, your ENTIRE day will flow with much more grace, and YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING… I’m telling you, you want to try it!

It may seem silly, but the power behind this practice is that as you do this for the simple, mundane things in your life, you will progressively be raising your vibration as the day goes on.  Do it for your morning shower. –How grateful are you to have hot, running water? That yummy breakfast you ate. What is your intention for the drive to work? –Thank you for hearing one of my favorite songs on the radio, put me in a great mood! Business meeting didn’t go exactly as I intended, but I was strong and powerful in my communication, and for that I’m super grateful, happy and proud to be ‘growing new business muscles’…Came home wanting to be present for my family at dinner and I really felt I was ‘there’ for my children. I could tell by their eyes and laughter. So grateful for the laughter, and so grateful to have soft sheets and this comfy bed, etc, etc. Now I will sleep and wake feeling deeply refreshed and excited for the new day.

As you practice setting intentions and then giving gratitude for all these little portions of your day…as well as the big ones, you will find that not only do you feel happier, but synchronicity will magically pop in to assist with the graceful flow of each and every portion….little and big.

The best way I can describe it is that after some time, with practice, it feels like being the Wizard behind the curtain (from The Wizard of Oz), rather than Dorothy yearning, clicking her heels, hoping to get home.

So put a colorful rubber band on your wrist, put a post-it on your computer screen, “New email, new intention and gratitude moment,” put a note on your bathroom mirror… Remind yourself in as many ways possible because it will be SO worth it. Feel free to share with me what you notice!

With Big Love and Bright Blessings,
Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Columnist, Delight Frequency Manifestation Teacher
Artistic Mystic in Process


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  1. Oh Mikaela – Again you have offered people a very powerful practice!!! Having worked in depth with people for over forty years – from the Ghetto to Hollywood – I have found that really finding Gratitude is what resets their whole life – no matter what their challenges are.

    And although it should not be amazing to me after all of these years – it still is because 95 percent of all people will argue and provide facts and stories that absolutely PROVE that their life is unique in how it sucks and why Gratitude won’t work. BUT the 5 percent who are willing to give it a go find that things do change rather quickly.

    One of the keys is not to be “dishonest” about it – but to truly find things one really is grateful for – – which is what you so aptly pointed out in encouraging people to be grateful for their good, home brewed cup of coffee, their shower, the smell of fresh laundry, having a job to go to, a book to read, etc.

    AND YES – people should follow your sage advice on RE-setting each segment of the day. It is a powerful spiritual practice – with intention we can restart each segment and align with higher, supportive life energy with being grateful and intending to have love, light, and miracles.

    Such a wonderful post, Mikaela! thank you!!!!

    • mikaela says:

      Thank you so much Deborah for this beautiful and insightful comment. 🙂

      Your work is sacred work indeed, being able to take people from the place of ‘poor me’ to actually feeling real gratitude for their whole life… is a rare gift.

      Yes, I find the intention setting to be so helpful in becoming present to the moment… rather than simply crossing anohter thing off of one’s to-do list! haha! blessings to you dear Deborah…

  2. Barbara Gunn says:

    lately Mikaela I have been thinking when something doesn’t turn out the way I envisioned it the universe has a better idea. It takes away the disappointment of not getting my way- again!
    Barbara Gunn recently posted..Filling in the gaps

    • mikaela says:

      You are very wise Barbara to engage in that practice of surrender and trust… it’s amazing what kind of synchronicities can arise when we simply let go and trust…

      blessings to you!

  3. Amira says:

    The simplist of things are always the most important and yes so easy to forget, how easy it for us to complain and not be in simple gratitude for even waking up in the morning to have a chance to start all over agin and with different eyes
    thank you for sharing and poping those positive thoughts in our minds 🙂
    much love and gratitude

    • mikaela says:

      I love your comment, Amira, because it makes me become present to the incredible growth we humans can experience… remembering we are coming to the day with ‘new’ eyes as you say, is so empowering and surely opens us to more postential and joy…

      blessings to you!

  4. So true Mikaela… thank you for the reminder. It helps me to write it down throughout the day also.
    Waking up with a list of things to be grateful for! Thanks for the post !

    • mikaela says:

      Yes, Atisa! Writing it down throughout the day can be sooo powerful… good for you!

      bright blessings to you, dear…

  5. Christine Leon says:

    This sounds simple, easy and doable. I’m gonna try this for sure! As always, Thanks for giving me something to think about and something I can start executing today!!

    • mikaela says:

      My pleasure, Christine. Your openness and enthusiasm to take this on as a new daily practice is both felt and appreciated…

      bright blessings to you!

  6. Jane says:

    When I’m committed to the experience of Gratitude, all the positive forces are on “fast forward”! Thank you so much for the reminder!

    • mikaela says:

      haha, Jane, what a great way to describe it! When we are in gratitude, the postive forces are in ‘fast forward’!


      It’s as if the floodgates open and the universe rushes in to give us more for which to be grateful…

      I am grateful for your thoughtful comment. 🙂

      Blessings to you, Jane!

  7. Future tripping! It is a good practice, and thank you for the reminder.

    Too often we look forward at the problems we must overcome in the next segment of our day, instead of joyously anticipating the pleasures that will be coming to us.
    CAELAN HUNTRESS recently posted..The Amazing Life Formula

    • mikaela says:

      So true, Caelan!

      If people could make a mental point of stopping themselves at looking out for the potential ‘obstacles’ in their day, and be open and looking for all the potential and infinite ways in which joy could come to them… well, wow… one can only imagine the world that could be created!

      I’m on board, let’s do it!!!

      Thank you Caelan for such an insightful and wise comment!

      Bright blessings to you…

  8. How great, Mikaela! I thought I was the only one doing this–how silly of me! It’s a powerful practice and it does indeed take practice to train one’s mind to think of an intention before an event and to give thanks afterwards and then look forward to the next event in our day. But it is soooooooooo worth it! Magic comes from this practice. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Thanks for putting this practice into words for me!!!

    Melinda Pajak recently posted..Why Are Superheroes Good? Podcast

    • mikaela says:

      It’s so great to hear that you are personally familiar with the ‘magic’ that arises in life when one consciously embraces this practice, Melinda… yes, yes, yes!

      And it’s easy to forget sometimes, so it’s helpful to get the reminders… myself included!


      blessings to you Melinda!

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