Childlike Innocence

Dear Friend,

This week, dear one, I’d like you to practice approaching the world with a childlike innocence.

This childlike innocence comes from an unwavering trust in one’s inner light, one’s connection to source, God. The knowingness that everything is an adventure to be appreciated…that each step offers a teaching and a gift. There is great peace in this space.

If you could tap into this space…this unwavering trust—just for a moment everyday, your life would be revolutionized. A revolution of peace and possibility.

How do you do it? Get quiet and imagine yourself, a child of God, a child of light—the child you were before any traumas or perceived disconnection from love occurred for you– Simply imagine it. Feel the little boy’s trust. Feel the little girl’s purity of appreciation for the beauty evident all around her.

When you appreciate the world with the eyes of a child, life becomes full of magic and wonder. Life itself, and you as an extension of it, dear One, becomes more vibrantly alive, more radiantly aware…and every day becomes an exhilarating adventure…no matter what is happening.

Bon voyage!

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Columnist, Delight Frequency Manifestation Teacher
Artistic Mystic in Process


Do you feel pretty connected with your inner child? How do you like to connect and let her/him express? I’d love to hear your comments below. Please feel free to share this blog post with your friends.

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  1. Ingrid says:

    I think this is one of your best posts! I love it because I have a powerful process to practice! I wonder what I will discover? Woo hoo! x

  2. This is so important! By getting back to the pure love and awareness – the curiosity that many of us left in an inner “time warp” from childhood on . . we start to allow everything to be safe – and in that safety more of our gifts – our knowings will come forward and be available to us. As a Jungian Psychotherapist I have seen people engaging their Inner Child and making it safe for this part of themselves to come forward for the last thirty plus years – – and I support you in that this is a very profound practice that will bring much quality of life to an individual . . and in turn – to those around them!! Thank you Mikaela!

    • mikaela says:

      Coming from you, that is a huge compliment… which I will gracefully accept. Thank you Deborah. Without a free and fluid access to the gifts of the inner child, life becomes lived in shades of grey as opposed to bright and vibrant color… here’s to the wonder and presence of our inner child!

  3. Barbara Gunn says:

    Your post goes along with the current spirit message I am getting “go back”.
    Barbara Gunn recently posted..A universal gift

  4. Erin Donley says:

    I found a bunch of old pictures from my childhood and noticed how around age 11, that spark left my eye. That’s when I started feeling like I wasn’t enough and it was evident from the pictures. — They were actually painful to look at, so I went back to the early shots and tried to recapture (and remember) THAT little girl!

    Thanks Mikaela… great post, as usual.

    • mikaela says:

      Erin, it’s an unfortunate occurrence that happens to a lot of budding girls. There’s an excellent book called “Reviving Ophelia” that speaks to this phenomenon.

      I’m so glad that you went back and found some earlier photos of you as a little girl, with your joy and openness to life still intact … I’d say you’re still pretty well connected to her actually from what I know about you! And I’d say the world is thankful you are! 🙂

  5. What a great message! There is so much here to comment on. If we could all look at the world as if we were nine years old, we would feel powerful, expressive, and confident all over again. That’s who we truly are. We gotta remember that!

    Also, I feel it helps in relationships to see the other person as a nine or even a five year old and then harsh words and angry actions tend to disappear from our mind. We are much gentler with each other when we view others as their expressive, wide-eyed beautiful inner child. It helps me anyway.

    It really does help to have a child of your own to really practice the joy of being children. They invite you into their world of play and adventure. It’s pretty tough to say no. It’s great fun!

    I wish more of the world would embrace their inner children–it’d be a much more fun and loving world!

    Thanks Mikaela!
    Melinda Pajak recently posted..Hero’s Journey – Part 2 – Podcast Available!

  6. Atisa Rashidi says:

    Wow Mikeala.
    Always is there synchronistic truth in your weekly posts. Just yet another reminder of Gods ever present will to commune and connect with our soul. Thank you and blessings

    • mikaela says:

      You are so welcome, Atisa. I’m so happy to hear that and my pleasure… thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  7. Laura Doll says:

    This is perfect for me this week, because I have two job interviews and I’ve been feeling very serious and nervous. If I can get out of my head and into the child in me who trusts that everything is going to be fine, not only will I feel better, but I’ll project feeling better during my interviews. Thank you, Mikaela!

    • mikaela says:

      Whoohoo, you got it, Laura!

      Holding you in visions of success and having a fun time doing it… with lots of smiles, of course!

      Let us know how it goes!!

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