Bring It On!

Dear Friend,

Call it 2012, call it the polar shift, call it what you will, it seems that many I speak with every week lately are being asked to face new challenges, grow new muscles so to speak, and rise to oftentimes crazy occasions with courage, love, and peace in their hearts…on a daily basis!!! And you know what I don’t say? I don’t say, “Whoa is you!” I don’t say, “Oh geez, what the heck were you thinking in creating that mess?”


It is true that God will only give you what you can handle and let’s face it, how can you become the person you dream of becoming without being challenged? How can you grow into the person you dream of being, if you aren’t given the opportunity to show the world, and most importantly, show YOURSELF, Dear One, that you ARE indeed becoming that person NOW?

So here’s what I say, dear friend, “Have challenges? Stop bullying yourself and be the Spiritual Warrior you truly are! I say, Whoohoo!! Way to ROCK it… because you are on your way!!!”  Many people think that as they begin to achieve the rungs of their own particular ladder to living their True Self that it should ALL be easy. There are a lot of New Agey ideas out there that say we only need to learn through JOY as opposed to Struggle, as if we should just flip a switch and voila! Everything will be rosy. And yes we can learn through joy, no doubt. However, the thing is if we actually had such superduper supreme control over our lives, how would we EVER really live in the embodiment of the person we dream of being if it were all so easy peasy? It can’t happen without challenge my friend, and more importantly, you wouldn’t appreciate yourself if it were all easy peasy, would you? I know deep down you agree.

Look, the truth is becoming the you you dream of becoming ain’t always pretty… but when you RISE UP to the occasion and you’re living it, messy as it sometimes may be…It’s always powerfully fulfilling at best, and at worst a powerful learning experience, which just takes you up another rung on the ladder. In short, it’s ALL good!

I bow before your greatness, Dear One, you are a ROCK STAR… Keep shining!!

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Columnist, Delight Frequency Manifestation Teacher
Artistic Mystic in Process

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  1. Barbara Gunn says:

    Nothing worth getting is ever easy.
    Barbara Gunn recently posted..Wildflowers

  2. Seems like now is the time to step up and speak up about what is important to you – and claim your goals.

    Been spending some time retreating and finding what REALLY is right for me – of all the things I want… only some really matter – and I’m going after those…

    Love your encouragement! Thanks. ♡♡
    Cheryl Janecky recently posted..Mar 2, Good Luck and Lucky Charm Symbols of Good Fortune

    • mikaela says:

      Good point, Cheryl… A lot of people have more challenges in life than they need because they are going after the wrong things!!

      So good to get quiet and clear and prevent a lot of unnecessary upset, that’s for sure. I know I would have wasted a lot of time if I didn’t have a regular meditation/prayer practice, that’s for sure.

      Peace and blessings,

  3. Laura Doll says:

    As always, I have needed the encouragement your blog provides. The past few days have brought many challenges. Today I find myself wanting to just sit silently like a lump on a rock and wait until tomorrow. Do you ever have those days? They’re hideous! Thank you for reminding me to pull out my spiritual warrior!

    • mikaela says:

      Yes, I HAVE been there, Laura. And sometimes as Spiritual Warriors we do need to use our discernment and know when to rest and relax (just be a lump on a log) and when to take action. Knowing when to take action is just as important as doing it, don’t you think.

      Peace and blessings to you!

  4. I like the reference to the spiritual warrior. Sometimes it may feel like we are in chaos and war but I do find those are the times I can leap frog ahead in my development. If I can pinpoint the lesson quickly, I can say to myself, “Oh yeah–I need to let go.” Or I need to change my perspective or I need to move into gratitude. Most often, I need to recognize and name my feelings, feel it, look at it and observe, and then let it go to return to balance. I think I digress. Oh well. Chaos is an opportunity to move ahead in our spiritual growth. If you can see it like that, well, then you are way ahead of the game. It’s not always easy though. Cheers.

    Melinda Pajak recently posted..Superhero Wisdom–First Episode Available!

    • mikaela says:

      Not always easy, true, Melinda, but you definitely are one (or a superhero, YES!) because you have all of your tools right there at hand when the situation arises. It’s so true, often we just need to allow ourselves to feel and observe our feelings with compassion and a lot of the challenge ceases… we are at peace, connected, and know just what to do and how to do it. GRACE! Ahhhh…. a beauitful thing…

      Peace and blessings to you, thanks for your insightful contribution to the conversation!

  5. Christine Leon says:

    Hi Mikaela,
    you are right, I am a rock star!!
    Thank you again for your uplifting words.

  6. Ingrid says:

    I totally agree.. when I show up, shine and stay true to my vision, I am always showered with blessings and abundance. Rock on! Love x

  7. Aryan says:

    I love the energy you put into this one! I think a good way to think about it is to FIND JOY IN THE STRUGGLE.

    • mikaela says:

      Yes, Aryan, I was pretty fired up when I wrote this, thank you for noticing my passion!

      And I think that’s an excellent way to put it… Find Joy in the Struggle… beautiful. Thank you for sharing that fabulous insight. 🙂

  8. Robert says:

    Thank you so much Mikaela, your timing is perfect. Yes, the challenges lately, well no big deal now that you mention it. I’m up for it, have gratitude for it,and own it as my unique journey. Thanks for being there for us Mikaela, you are an inspiration. Love you always.

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