Dear Friend,

Growing up Catholic, I used to have a hard time asking to do God’s Will. I knew I should and that it was the right thing to do; however, I also had this worry that God’s Will was just plain and simple not going to be any fun. I was comforted by the idea that one day, if I did God’s Will long enough, God would reward me with Big Fun. So I put in my time.

Years later upon graduating from university with highest honors and a Phi Beta Kappa Key for my studies in Political Science: International Relations, I had what was akin to a mid-life crisis. I’d received these accolades for studying something that hardly ‘lit me up’, and even though I knew I could have a positive impact in the world by pursuing it, I saw my life span before me with sheer dread. Walking in nature one day (isn’t it interesting that the big Ah-hah’s often come when communing with nature?) I distinctly heard in my mind’s ear: “Whose Will are you living? Take care… If it is not yours; it is not mine.”

I realized I was living my biological father’s will for me, not God’s… and I allowed that piercing question to fuel me with the strength and courage I needed to follow the dictates of my True Self… spoken to me through my heart. Rather than moving to D.C. or pursuing a Masters degree, I began working as a waitress while I studied dance, creative writing, and hypnotherapy…my true passions. Looking back, I know that had I followed the sensible road of pursuing a life in politics, I assure you The Little Book of Light (and future books) would never have been written. Not through me anyways. And this means I would have missed out on a lot of JOY, both the giving and the receiving of it.

So, trust my friend, that when you follow the joy in your heart that you are living God’s will for you because you will be sharing your God-given gifts and living the Highest Expression of yourSelf.

Always, with Big Love & Bright Blessings,,

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Columnist, Delight Frequency Manifestation Teacher
Artistic Mystic in Process


This is a BIG topic…Please leave your comments or questions below… what are your own personal insights into the nature of God’s will? I’d love to hear!


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