Whose Will Is It Anyway?

Dear Friend,

Growing up Catholic, I used to have a hard time asking to do God’s Will. I knew I should and that it was the right thing to do; however, I also had this worry that God’s Will was just plain and simple not going to be any fun. I was comforted by the idea that one day, if I did God’s Will long enough, God would reward me with Big Fun. So I put in my time.

Years later upon graduating from university with highest honors and a Phi Beta Kappa Key for my studies in Political Science: International Relations, I had what was akin to a mid-life crisis. I’d received these accolades for studying something that hardly ‘lit me up’, and even though I knew I could have a positive impact in the world by pursuing it, I saw my life span before me with sheer dread. Walking in nature one day (isn’t it interesting that the big Ah-hah’s often come when communing with nature?) I distinctly heard in my mind’s ear: “Whose Will are you living? Take care… If it is not yours; it is not mine.”

I realized I was living my biological father’s will for me, not God’s… and I allowed that piercing question to fuel me with the strength and courage I needed to follow the dictates of my True Self… spoken to me through my heart. Rather than moving to D.C. or pursuing a Masters degree, I began working as a waitress while I studied dance, creative writing, and hypnotherapy…my true passions. Looking back, I know that had I followed the sensible road of pursuing a life in politics, I assure you The Little Book of Light (and future books) would never have been written. Not through me anyways. And this means I would have missed out on a lot of JOY, both the giving and the receiving of it.

So, trust my friend, that when you follow the joy in your heart that you are living God’s will for you because you will be sharing your God-given gifts and living the Highest Expression of yourSelf.

Always, with Big Love & Bright Blessings,,

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Columnist, Delight Frequency Manifestation Teacher
Artistic Mystic in Process


This is a BIG topic…Please leave your comments or questions below… what are your own personal insights into the nature of God’s will? I’d love to hear!


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  1. Bala says:

    You are right Mikaela. This is a BIG topic! I believe that the Divine Will and the individual desire must go together to create anything. We are co-creators with GOD. Of course without GOD’s will nothing exists.

    But everything, at least, in this material plane begins with a single thought, the seeds of which were planted sometime during the soul’s journey in the ‘wheel of sanskara’.

    When the thought gains maturity, in any given lifetime, it suddenly comes to us as an inspiration or event.
    This again happens with Divine Grace.
    This propels us into the journey to complete that thought (desire) that was planted.
    How quickly we fulfill this desire depends on the intensity of the thought that was originally planted+the right energy push we have+Divine Grace.

    When this thought is energized by our efforts and Divine grace enough to push it through karmic blocks, external blocks, etc., we fulfill the originally planted desire and it ceases to exist anymore.
    Whether we fulfill this desire in “this” lifetime also depends on if we have the required energy ‘push’.

    Whether in this lifetime or not, we will be back again and again until we fulfill the original thought.

    We are co-creators with GOD. We are constantly, yet ‘unconsciously’, aligning our will (desire) with the Divine will. When a ‘perfect alignment’ happens, we create effortlessly.

    Always grateful for your love, blessings and light.
    Love you!

    • mikaela says:

      I love your insights and contribution to this BIG topic, Bala! I especially appreciate your comments on the idea of co-creating with God over many lifetimes, and that if an idea doesn’t come into full fruition NOW in this time space, guaranteed with divine grace, focus, and that divine push of which you speak, it will inevitably manifest in a ‘future’ time space. Also fascinating to think that as a writer, when ideas ‘pop’ into my head that feel divinely inspired… they may be ‘popping’ in AGAIN…it may not be the first time which they’ve appeared in my mind. Food for thought for sure, thank you again for sharing! Blessings to you!

  2. Janet says:

    Thank you, Mikaela – what a wonderful post!
    Hope you don’t mind if I share it :-).

  3. Barbara Gunn says:

    Absolutely! If you are not following YOUR heart you will always be a little off kilter
    Barbara Gunn recently posted..Not my thing

  4. Kiki Wow says:

    It’s never a coinkidink that you would write something I am pondering about Spirit. God’s Will is for us to be happy and well-lit! I was praying with a friend on the phone yesterday and I was rambling on and on about all the good I wanted for us and the family and world. And I guess I went on for a bit, who me? When I was done my friend simply said, “Thy will be done.” Boom. The power in those 4 words were going to work out better than all the fluff I remembered to say. I was humbled and silenced. We can’t forget that God is managing all of this whether we know it, admit it, ignore it or are conscious of it not. I am remembering to rest in His will or plan for all of us. Is it easy? What worthwhile accomplishment ever is? We must strive to do our best to make things good in our minds to preserve us and give us a better space to think enlightened thoughts producing good feelings, loving actions. Thanks for your Light – its Bright!

    • mikaela says:

      Beautiful insights and contribution to this big topic, Kiki… thank you. Yes, Thy Will be done.. and then listening to the nudges and inspirations of our heart to follow through on that Will indeed… “Thy will be done,” and “Thank you, thank you, thank you, God” are my two favorite prayers! Many blessings to you!

  5. Martina says:

    I always come away from your blog with something valuable. Thank you, Mikaela!

  6. As children we know we ARE source and live happily and joyfully – until our parents continual training curbs the natural impulses…schools and religions force-feed their view… as you mentioned… HOWEVER: EVERYONE KNOWS what is true or not… even when we don’t dare tell our own truth anymore.

    Once God/Goddess/Source/All That IS/ is found in the heart center – there is NO MORE CONFUSION – again, we align with Source and KNOW that our unique desires and talents – ARE GOD’S WILL or OUR WILL – there is no difference…. from the heart.

    In the mind – linear thought – fear, judgement, blame… there is a BIG difference between Spiritual Truths – your own truth – and the FEARFUL responses of mind programming. Letting your heart rule your life is aligning with Source… always kind and loving – and truthful.

    Love all you contribute Mikaela. Looking forward to your next insight. Love Cheryl
    Cheryl Janecky recently posted..Feb 7, Good Luck and Lucky Charm Symbols of Good Fortune

    • mikaela says:

      Insightful contribution to the conversation, Cheryl. Thank you. I look forward to reading your post on Luck and Lucky Charm Symbols, thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh Mikaela!!! YES!!! YOU have done it again! This is so important – whether conscious or unconscious – whether a person follows a major religion or nature/Goddess or other – Growing up in our cultural paradigm usually has UN-conscious scripts, wounds and beliefs going that projects our personal parent and/or inner judge/critic onto the Divine. What we get as a result is a belief that Divine will is harsh, a burden, something that must be muscled through. It is not always apparent until a hefty challenge in life – say a major illness, death, financial, career or relationship crisis . . but then it emerges and we often pray, scream, and resolve to do our best because Divinity, in what we suppose is its wisdom, wants us to tow through.

    How wonderful that you discovered this early on! And, despite possible family pressure – to change course towards a career/life that was one that supported your heart/soul/spirit!!

    And now you share with us the real truth – That the Infinite, Loving Divine – – God as some say – – – LOVES us JOYFULLY – and Divine will is for Eternal Light, Love, and Joy to dance with us, through us and around us as we share the heart’s passion – the many gifts that were placed into us when the Divine created us before the foundation of the 3-D world.

    Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! You have shared such an important TRUTH for all of us to take in – ponder and hopefully apply and life!


  8. Christine Leon says:

    i needed to hear that!!
    thanks for redirecting my focus and saying exactly what i needed to hear,

  9. Jane Waide says:

    Mikaela, this resonates so deeply with me in this moment. How did you know?! And your message is one of great hope and clarity. Thank you for visiting this subject and sharing your personal insights. Thanks also for this wonderful blog forum that allows us to share with one another.

    • mikaela says:

      Thank you for saying so, Jane, this makes me happy to hear that my message has impact and you are enjoying the forum to share. Blessings to you!

  10. Ingrid says:

    I love this post! For me its so great to know that you like me, had a fork in the road and you decided to listen to your truth. It’s enormously comforting for me to hear your story. We all have endless choices and opportunities but if they don’t align with what really lights us up, we will experience pain at some point. I don’t believe it is necessary to push to conquer ones goals at all.. I think when we surrender into our unique purpose and fully embrace it the joy as you speak of, lights the path… It does take courage though but courage comes from the word heart and you Mikaela have truck loads of that. Love, ING x

    • mikaela says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment and contribution to the coversation, Ingrid. Listening and surrendering to our heart is so much easier than struggle and force, albeit it takes a lot of courage, so cheers to that!

  11. Aryan says:

    What an insight! I love your posts because there is an immediate, relatable lucidity to them that speaks to my past personal experiences! Seriously, thank you for sharing this story Mikaela!


  12. Laura Doll says:

    Mikaela, this was great! When I read this, it really changed my life. I know that sounds funny, but I had been sitting at my dining room table, at a crossroads. I was wondering why I was so stuck and nothing was flowing in my life when I was trying so hard. I got up, took a break, read this, and it hit me. I’m trying to hard to do what I’m “supposed” to do or what people expect me to do or some preconceived notion about my life’s plan. I had been trying so hard and pushing at that wall, when I should have just moved slightly and opened the door. It led me to change what I was doing that day and things started flowing again. The feeling of relief was absolutely amazing and it feels SOOO much better. You have done it again. Every time I read your writing, it changes my life in ways I never expected. Thank you!

    • mikaela says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your personal story with this issue, Laura. It helps all of us to hear each other’s stories, experiences, and thoughts on these ‘weighty’ topics to be sure. I’m so honored and grateful that my writing inspires you in this way, and I honor you and the radiant light within you that pauses, and listens to your heart in order to be open to the “Ah-hah” moments, fabulous! Many blessings to you!

  13. Erin Donley says:

    Mikaela, This was fun to read. It reminded me of the last Catholic mass I attended with my mom. When we were reciting the phrase, “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word….”
    My mom blurted out, “Lord I AM worthy to receive you” – It was loud and she looked pissed when she said it. After that, we stopped going to church. I remember not understanding what that phrase, “worthy to receive” really meant… but I liked what my mom did.

    Since then, I’ve been back to mass many times – I’m in dialogue with God all the time… and never (consciously) feel unworthy to receive. My mom’s actions taught me to challenge what we’re told about God, and create my own relationship with this ever-loving force. Love to you, thanks!!

    • mikaela says:

      Your mom sounds like a great lady, Erin, I love this story. I love that she blurted out: I AM worthy to receive you! We stopped going to Mass when I was about 14… my mom had taken an alternative Bible-study course, and came home and announced that there was no such thing as hell, that it was all a control device from the church! She, and we as a result of her example, became liberated as you say to have our own unique and authentic relationship with the all-loving force of God/Source… a pivotal turning point in my life… much as it sounds your experience with your mom in Mass was for you that day, thanks again for sharing this pivotal moment in your spiritual journey, much love!

  14. tom says:

    As always, I find the focus and radiance of your work inspiring. Thanks Mikaela!

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