The Upside of Chaos

Dear Friends,


Don’t think that in order to receive messages from God/Source, your inner guidance, that you must be completely calm & peaceful.


Rather than the ‘hum-drum, business-as-usual’ routine you may have used to describe your life at times, sometimes you unconsciously create situations where disappointment, stress & chaos seem to be the appropriate order of the day…Huh, you say?  Why on earth would I do such a thing, you ask?


Because, dear friend,  that’s when the universe pulls out the handy-dandy, bright & shiny megaphone and shouts in your ear sweet nothings & POWERFUL EVERYTHINGS…which melt the parameters of your heart, illuminate your mind, and enable you to see everything more clearly…


In fact some of God’s best communication is done during these times. Of course it certainly helps for you to catch your breath, and better yet, get quiet, sit still and observe your breath… but don’t worry, God is pretty savvy, and will get through to you with love when you are ready to hear. Are you ready?


Here’s rootin’ for you, Dear One. Remember God is always your biggest cheerleader.

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Columnist, Delight Frequency Manifestation Teacher
Artistic Mystic in Process


What has been your experience with this? Have you found your relationship with God deepen and expand… received illumination and “Ah-hah’s” in the middle of chaos and disruption in your life?

Something tells me we all have! If you’d like to share a story below, I’d love to hear. Please leave your comments below. And please feel free to share as well with your friends on fb, etc!

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  1. The guideposts along the way are most visible during periods of calmness and stillness, sure. But the voice that incites internal change only revelas itself during periods of stress and uncertainty. We need to shake things up to look around, sometimes.
    CAELAN HUNTRESS recently posted..The Amazing Life Formula

    • mikaela says:

      Thanks, Caelan. It is fascinating, isn’t it? I like the way you put it. “the voice that incites internal change only reveals itself during periods of stress and uncertainty. We need to shake things up to look around, sometimes.” YES, it’s almost as if we can become so comfortable in our ‘inner peace’ that it can happen that things need to get ‘shaken up’ to see the larger perspective. Thanks for sharing that. I just find that people can get into self-judgment when life gets chaotic, and it’s important to see the gift in it so that we can move forward!

  2. Yes, you can definitely listen to that still small voice when you are quiet and attentive. It’s much easier that way, I find, so I make time for it. But if you aren’t listening, God or Goddess or Spirit has ways of getting your attention. I’ve had recurring or strange dreams that startle me into realizations. I’ve had people come into my life who are literally yelling at me and then I wake up and realize, oh, there’s a message in that for me. Then the person suddenly disappears from my daily life. Spirit speaks to us in any way it can to get us to listen. I find the simplest way is to quiet down and be calm–the shower is a good time to do this or even in the car.

    It seems to me I create chaos when I don’t allow for this quiet time so spirit has to yell louder to to get his/her point across. Does that make sense?

    Melinda Pajak recently posted..My new book, My Missing Aunt, NOW AVAILABLE!

    • mikaela says:

      Thanks for sharing, Melinda. Yes, it can be like the chicken and the egg type of thing, can’t it? I find it’s certainly much easier to have a regular practice of getting still and listening so that Spirit doesn’t have to ‘yell’ at us through people/situations, etc… but it’s oddly comforting to know that if for whatever reason, one doesn’t sit still, God will get through to you one way or another. lol. Personally, I vote for stillness. I know I can’t write any kind of inspirational message/story without getting quiet and peaceful first. 🙂

  3. Aryan says:

    This really speaks to my interpretation as to the way things are.
    Thanks Mikaela!

  4. Deborah Blair, M.S., Ph.D. says:

    Mikaela – Again – Thank you! For people who have made their way in life and found a way to have their lives centered in quiet away from the noise of the mainstream Dominator/Power-Over Paradigm Culture – – where they spend a good deal of time with formal meditation, spiritual enhancement through sacred and inspirational work – and prayer – – – YES – they daily lives are often vibrant with interaction with The Divine – – – – BUT most people in the Western World who have such lives have come through life challenges and have thus had impetus and support to make these lifestyle choices . . . many people today are going far too fast to hear the “Still, Small Voice” – – so it is in the midst of the pain of Chaos that they finally HEAR . . . And this is not a bad thing in that we start to come to understand that what is really loving Truth – Living Truth . . is right here for us . . . .and we can start to make new choices. We start to know that the Divine is complete, Eternal Light, Love, and Joy – – -AND will do all it can in order to be there for us to move us towards our Authentic path of BE – ing . . . isn’t that wonderful??!!!

    So – yes – -yes – – YES!!!! Your wise words help many to start to hear . .where ever they find themselves in their lives! THANK YOU!!!!! Namaste!

  5. Deborah Blair, M.S., Ph.D. says:

    P.S. – – Mikaela – is there anyway that you can post a list of your wonderful offerings on youtube here on your website? Maybe I am not looking in the right place – – but many people who visit here would really love and benefit from your wonderful,personal, inspirational videos!!!!

    • mikaela says:

      Great idea, Deborah… they are actually older blog posts, but you are absolutely right. I will do that, there are a lot of videos up there on youtube that people here would most likely enjoy… thanks for the suggestion! And thank you for your insightful comment above as well.


  6. Laura Doll says:

    This holds great pertinence to me today, of course. Every time I read one of your entries, it is the perfect thing for me that day. My moods have been rather turned upside down the last few days. I’ve felt cheerful and happy and then glum and slow. I need to listen to the Universe in between life’s chatter and see what I’m supposed to be hearing that I’m missing. Thank you for the reminder!

  7. Janet says:

    Thanks, Mikaela, another great blogpost to share :-). You write with such beauty and insight. What a gift you have!
    Janet recently posted..Seeds of Inspiration

  8. Janet says:

    I’m posting it to my learning center site… Hope that is OK 🙂
    Janet recently posted..Seeds of Inspiration

  9. Amira says:

    As always you are so on button …….;) never come across one of your inspirations that has not inspired me to look within .
    Thanks I appreciate it

    • mikaela says:

      My pleasure, Amira… you know one of the benefits for me to have this list is that every week I have to look within so that I may pass on the message to those who are expecting it. Accountability/responsibility is a great way to stay productive, that’s for sure.

      Love and Light to you!

  10. Hello Mikaelajones,
    Thanks for your thoughts, People love to hear stories. They’ll identify with what you have to say much more easily if you tell them an anecdote that relates to your subject matter.
    Great Job!

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