Courageous Heart Mantra

Dear Friends,

It seems everybody is present to the stress and chaos in  the world, even if they are fortunate enough not to feel it in their own individual lives. We are all connected in Spirit, however, so how can we not feel the burden and pain that our brothers and sisters are feeling to some extent? I myself can feel a little overwhelmed by it at times, so this past week I asked Spirit to give me a simple prayer to help others and myself continue to shine bright, despite what we see in the world. (And yes, there is always beauty and love to behold and focus upon.) I’m talking about how we can stay strong and powerful in our own hearts and dissipate then transmute any seemingly ‘heavy’ and ‘dark’ energy that may come into our awareness. Here is the simple message I received.

“Ask to hold the energy of Courage and Peace in your heart. Ask for anything that blocks the energy of courage and peace in your heart to be transmuted into light. Ask to be a beacon of courage and peace that shines forth from your heart…Know, Dear One, that as you do this, the higher frequencies of light in the form of love and peace will permeate everything and everyone about you…This may sound simple, yet it is often the most simple things in life that can have the biggest impact.”

So keep asking… and speak it out loud as a mantra/affirmation if you like as well.

I, (insert your name), as a child of God/Source/the Universe invoke the energy of courage and peace in my heart NOW. I wake and walk every step with an ever-growing feeling of  courage and peace in my heart. Should anything attempt to knock me off center, the courage and peace in my heart only take deeper hold within my being and are strengthened. I sleep easily because of the courage and peace in my heart. I am so very grateful to FEEL this courage and peace flowing through my heart… allowing myself to be a beacon of light for others.

I see this Love and Peace flowing out to everyone and everything, feeling my connection to ALL…I FEEL the sweet Bliss of this connection… and knowing that we are each Radiant Beings of Light, each an expression of the God/Source, I declare that our Highest Expression is made manifest NOW.

I give thanks for this opportunity to shine bright and see others shining bright. And So It Is… “


Always, with Big Love & Bright Blessings,,

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Columnist, Delight Frequency Manifestation Teacher
Artistic Mystic in Process


There are loads of other tools for this, of course, another favorite of mine is the H’opono pono prayer… I’d love to hear some of your practices for transmuting darkness/fear into light! Please leave your comments or questions below…

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  1. Deep breathing, meditation, sleep…all these help to transmute fear.

    • mikaela says:

      So true, Martina… sometimes when deep breathing or ‘shaking it out’ or meditating don’t work… I absolutely KNOW I simply need to sleep, lol. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Aryan says:

    What a wonderful message for everyone! Keep increasing courage and patience, peace and wonder! Way to go Mikaela!

    • mikaela says:

      “Keep increasing the peace and patience and courage and wonder…” I like that Aryan, let’s not forget the wonder… the wonder is some of the best stuff of life… thanks Aryan.

  3. Amira says:

    Using the Prema Agni ( the fire of divine love ) to keep the heart open.
    Thanks Mikaela for this beautiful mantra .

  4. Perhaps the most important message for our times!!! One of the challenges of psychology in the last 100 years and for the New Age in the last 20 plus years is the “clinical denial” of what is going on. The Traumatic Syndrome of the wars, the environment, the selfishness of the Powers-that-Be that have created a world economy that is ruinous and impossible to continue – the rise of the corporations over all world governments – – our Western lifestyle built on the poverty, death and misery of others – – – THIS cannot go on being IGNORED – – – –

    HOWEVER – – – What your wonderful prayer offers us is the way through . . . we Enliven ourselves and the world by connecting with the Eternal Divine (however we conceive of it and know it personally) – and allowing prayers like this to energize ourselves into an Eternal Resonance of Light, Love and Joy – that will transform . . .when we become our Conception Right and Imperative of BEING – we are Beacons of Light,Love, and Joy helping others to the safety of their own BEING – – and connection with the Eternal Light . . . and resonance – – the more that do this – – the more that do this and we become too bright for the fear, anger, confusion – we dispel it

    Thank you so much for your wonderful trust of Divine to go to it – resonate and bring forth this prayer to us!!

    • mikaela says:

      I love your point, Deborah, “We are Beacons of Light,Love, and Joy helping others to the safety of their own BEING – – and connection with the Eternal Light . . . and resonance – – the more that do this – – the more that do this and we become too bright for the fear, anger, confusion – we dispel it.”

      yes, dispel is the perfect way to describe what my intention is for this prayer… we can’t deny it exists… however, it is our choice how we handle it.. or not, and personally, I am not going to let it get me. I refuse, so I feel blessed that my inner wisdom gives me what to do in the moment and there are so many tools out there for us to stand in the midst of it and move forward despite it… with power and love flowing forth from our heart.

      Thank you for sharing, as always, Deborah.

  5. Steve Mitchel says:

    As always Mikaela, thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight with us. I always look forward to reading what you write and I am doing my part in trying to be a beacon of light to the world. Having people like you in my life helps me in this mission.
    Many thanks friend!

  6. Barbara Gunn says:

    Thanks for sharing your insights Mikaela. Your suggestions are always so simple anyone can follow them.
    Barbara Gunn recently posted..Right brain go…

  7. Bala says:

    Dear Mikaela:

    I am blessed to be connected to you through Spirit. As I write this, I feel overwhelmed. Why? As I have mentioned before somehow you carry the right message at exactly the right time- just when I need it. I find it incredible.

    I am also overwhelmed by the essence of the Prayer (affirmation)- it’s simplicity is so powerful. So comforting.

    I want to stop writing and be with this feeling.

    Very grateful to you, Mikaela.

  8. Yasmin says:

    You bring love and light into the world through the magic of your thoughts and prayers, Mikaela. Thank you for your ever calming and uplifting spiritual guidance.

  9. Jane says:

    I second what Bala shares above. So often the messages you’re inspired to write and share are perfectly attuned to where I am: where my heart, as well as my concerns, are. To each of us, and to those we love…..Courage and Peace.

  10. Emily says:

    What a beautiful message. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration and light!
    Emily recently posted..Courageous Heart Mantra

    • mikaela says:

      Thank you everyone for your great comments and contributing to the coversation! It’s been a very busy week and not, otherwise I’d be responding individually. Keep holding that peace and courage in your heart, and you will forever be shining!! Much Love!!

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