I hope you had a delightful holiday and are optimistic about what you will bring to 2012! Here is my 2012 Soul Manifesto… I thought I’d share it with the intention that it bring you encouragement on your path to fulfilling your unique personal vision for yourself this year. I’ve printed it up and put it above my desk… If it resonates with you, I encourage you to do the same…. OR write your own, it’s fun!!

2012 Soul Manifesto:

Rise up and SHINE…

Be bold. Speak up. Share your Truth.
Make the call. Take the next step.

Let your HEART be your Central Guiding Light.
Make “Love, Power and Grace flows through me now in ALL WAYS and in ALL TIMES” your personal mantra.

Meet the flinch that fear provokes HEAD-ON.
You are so much bigger and INFINITELY more powerful than it.
Take the high road and begin living in the land of GLORY.

Cast aside the cloak of fear and SHINE…

Every day, take personal inventory. Ask yourself,
“Were my words and actions in ALIGNMENT with who I want to BE?”
To move into special Ninja MASTER realms, ask yourself,
“Were my thoughts in alignment with who I want to BE?”

If so, jump up and down, pat yourself on the back,
give gratitude to God for your VICTORY.
And don’t forget to give gratitude for the stickly prickly ones that provided you the occasion to RISE and show who YOU TRULY ARE…

And if you didn’t succeed, remember that it is often the SLIGHTEST TWEAKS in behavior that lead to the BIGGEST TRANSFORMATIONS.
Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.

Be diligent about taking time out for delight every day.
For that which delights us is God’s gift to us. It is not to be ignored.
Take the time to be PRESENT and give gratitude for the littlest moments of delight. It is SACRED time. It is your energetic hug back to God.
(God is big into hugs.)

Above all else, REMEMBER you are a BEAUTIFUL SPIRITUAL BEING here on a magnificent ADVENTURE in this auspicious year of 2012…

KNOW that you are so deeply CHERISHED and so deeply LOVED… and that no matter how things may appear…All is… WE ARE ONE/ WON!

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Delight Frequency Meditation Teacher
Artistic Mystic in Process ♥

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