Dear Friend

Please know that when you share honestly and fully from your heart with the intention of creating a space of healing for yourself and/or others, God smiles and legions of angels sing your name. But, yes, sometimes it’s easier said than done. Everybody keeps their mouth shut at times, and sometimes it’s appropriate. But too often people are not listening to the still, calm voice inside that says, “Speak up. Get it out. This is not yours to hold onto.”  (More on this in a future post.)

So I ask you, dear One, what are you holding on lock down within that you are afraid to unveil, dear One? What secret are you keeping that is scratching at your heart to be set free? What request are you not making of a loved one because you are afraid of their response?

You are a child and expression of God, and as such are deserving to speak your Truth… just as much as anybody else. Everyone else around you keeping quiet as well? Be bold, speak your Truth from the love that you hold honorably within, and you will be a lighthouse for others.

Please know that at some level, ALL IS KNOWN. There are no real secrets in the universe. Everything that is done, whether in public or private has its return effect. It is universal law.

But here’s what I know for sure, when you set yourself FREE by communicating your Truth, speaking up, making that request, and you do it from the power and the Love that you are, Grace will pour into you like a waterfall of pure Radiance from heaven. You may be nervous, but trust me, you will literally be buoyed by the power of the Truth of the universe. You will be lit from within. It really is worth any fear you may feel, and once you do it, it gets easier and easier.

Some people get really good at this to the point of being quite SASSY, and I say Rock on, Sister! Way to Be, Brother! As long as you stay grounded in your Intention for creating healing, harmony, and love, (which yes in some cases may bring ‘upset’ to others), in the long run it WILL be healing for ALL. As long as you stay centered in your heart, you will never veer off the path of Truth and Love and into the realm of Bitchiness, cuz oh yeah, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing, my friend.

Do you have trouble speaking your truth? Care to share an experience of what it felt like to share your truth? Be brave, please share your comments, stories, and feedback below.


Lovin’ your gentle ROAR!

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Hypnotherapist, Delight Frequency Meditation Teacher
Artistic Mystic in Process ~♥~

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