My Holiday Prayer

Life is busy, full, and wondrous with family, little ones, holiday school plays, and Christmas preparations. It can be so easy to get swept up in the stress of it all, rather than the beautiful potential of it all. So, today i send you my simple prayer. May you, dear friend,  be in the Divine Flow, where harmony, peace of mind and LOVE reigns supreme…no matter what. It is there for us all, and it is yours to step into, it is your divine right to claim, so claim it now.

Simply say to yourself, “I immerse myself into the Divine Flow, where harmony, peace, and LOVE reigns supreme. I relax and allow the Divine Flow to orchestrate all of my affairs… I relax into the Divine Flow, and allow the peace, love, and harmony that lives here to be the predominant experience in all areas of my life. I am in awe and wonder at all of the magical and delightful ways the Divine Flow manifests itself in my life! I give great thanks to the Divine for this, and accept it on all levels of my consciousness.

May ALL be in the Divine Flow this holiday season and peace, love, and delight abound… and So it is.”

Sending you a galaxy of Love and Light this holiday season. I hold you in the vision of being centered in YOUR radiant, beautiful Delight Frequency, through which all GOOD flows.

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Hypnotherapist, Delight Frequency Meditation Teacher
Artistic Mystic in Process ~♥~

  1. What a great prayer, Mikaela! I love it. After saying this, I feel immersed in flow.
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    • mikaela says:

      Thank you, Caelan! When we’re in the Divine Flow, life becomes so much sweeter and richer. Hope you had a sweet and rich holiday!

  2. Timothy J says:

    Just allowed the prayer to radiate through me…the momentary stress that had kept my heart pounding was released, my heart softened, my eyes softened, and the words I spoke to the one’s around me softened as well. Thank you M, always, your words, your vision, walk closely connected to my heart.

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