Dear Friend,


If you’ve taken a workshop with me, you’ve heard me say that life ‘occurs’ to us depending on our vibrational set point. The higher your vibrational set point, the more in FLOW and in harmony you are with life. Things become easier, more magical, opportunities arise, and even when life’s crazy challenges happen, the higher your vibrational set point, the better and more quickly you are able to rise to the challenge, deal with it, and continue on your path to fulfilling your unique personal vision.  In short, you become unstoppable. If you want to read more about this concept, David Hawkins speaks about it in his book entitled “Power vs. Force.”

There are three primary ways to raise your vibration. The first way is to simply focus on releasing stress & negative energy that holds your vibration ‘down’ so to speak. In today’s rapidly changing and stressful times, it is paramount that you are releasing the stress and anxiety from your physical, mental, and emotional systems many times per day. In fact, I would assert that rather than meditating an hour per day, you could be better served (ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A VERY BUSY PERSON WITH MANY STRESSORS IN YOUR LIFE) by meditating 10-15 minutes in the morning, and then having  a few easy and quick stress release techniques that you can do MANY times throughout the day AS NEEDED so that you don’t go into a negative downward spiral of stress and negativity. I have some of my favorites in The Little Book of Light. But some suggestions are bouncing up and down gently on the soles of your feet, shaking out your legs and hands gently, chanting “UH”, go for a walk, scream into a pillow, hug a tree, play with your dog or cuddle your kitty… whatever works for you to release the stress and get yourself back to being centered in your Beautiful True Self! You deserve to FEEL your true essence and share it with others.

The second way to raise your vibrational set point is by consciously doing activities that will raise your vibration… Intentional Meditation, vibrational sound healing, yoga, Visioning, inspirational reading, prayer, listening to uplifting music, dance are some of my favorites. The common denominator among any activity that raises your vibration is that it takes you into a ‘feeling experience’ of beauty, connection, compassion, and delight. You feel uplifted, centered, and expansive. It’s a magical and powerful place to be because in achieving this uplifted and powerful heart vibration, the universe naturally brings you more experiences in which you will experience it!

I encourage you to create a list of those things that you  know make you feel this expansive quality in your heart. If you need some ideas, the Little Book of Light has 111 of them. With practice you will be naturally raising your vibrational set point every day, ensuring you more grace, power,  and joy in your life.

The third way to raise your vibrational set point is via the unconscious, which I know from my fifteen year background in hypnotherapy, is one of the most powerful ways to raise your vibration… no matter what negative beliefs you may have picked up along your life’s journey. The world is a mirror of the beliefs that you hold, and the more limiting beliefs you picked up in childhood, the more difficult it is to raise your vibrational set point. It is my personal mission to help people overcome any childhood traumas they may have had,  and fulfill their unique personal vision in life! No matter what kind of abuse you experienced as a kid, I assure you, if you spend time anchoring in new beliefs into the subconscious, (as well as processing the repressed emotions),  you can rise above anything! Hypnotherapy has helped me overcome many limiting childhood beliefs I picked up from sexual and emotional abuse. I created my 1 hr. Delight Frequency Guided Meditation MP3 because I wanted people to have a gentle, soothing, and yet POWERFUL way to release stress, dis-ease & negative energy, as well as anchor in the positive resource states of vitality, success, and LOVE so that they may have the fulfilling lives they deserve!

So because I want everybody to live from a higher vibration… because it only takes the square root of one percent of the population to instigate a Mass-Awakening in Consciousness, and because it’s the holidays, and because this is my last holiday season to sell my Little Books of Light, I’m giving you an incredible gift for the holidays… Here it is: TODAY- Thursday, the 15th, when you buy 3 Little Books of Light: 111 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life, ($33) I will not only give you a 4th for FREE plus FREE SHIPPING, I will also email you the link to my 1-hr. Delight Frequency Guided Meditation audio MP3, so you can raise your vibration consciously (via the ways in the book) AND unconsciously via the soothing yet powerful Delight Frequency 1 hr MP3. This is a savings of over $33, and ends on the 15th because that is the last day I can guarantee the books will arrive to you by Christmas.

The Little Book of Light makes a super sweet and purely positive stocking stuffer or gift for a friend, co-worker, and loved one, and will bring spiritual nourishment & happiness to you and your friends. The Delight Frequency Guided Meditation (which normally sells for $15) will have you usher in 2012in a truly powerful, positive way! ♥


I’d love to hear some of your favorite ways you use to release stress and/or raise your vibration, please make your comments/suggestions below!

Holding you in the vision of being centered in YOUR Delight Frequency this holiday season.

And thank you for sharing your light !

Mikaela Katherine Jones
Author, Hypnotherapist, Delight Frequency Meditation Teacher
Artistic Mystic in Process ~♥~


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