Dear Beautiful Friends,

Look, it’s inevitable. As you move forward on your path towards living your True Self and fulfilling your dreams, STUFF happens. Challenges, obstacles, roadblocks. Of course, we all know that it is how you approach them that determines if it will STOP you cold in your tracks or if it will be a simple momentary bump on the road… a road that without said bump, could perhaps not be as fulfilling in the long run.

Today I want to share with you one of my all-time favorite and most powerful tools for successfully facing the bumps on the road. I’ve used this tool over the last fifteen years frequently when I feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or sad. Unfortunately, it was too long to fit in The Little Book of Light, so I share it with you here now.

Here it is: Keep a special, magical picture of yourself handy to retrieve whenever you need. This picture must be one in which you are SMILING BIG and full-on enjoying the moment. It needs to be a picture of you taken when you were doing something you love, something that makes your energy tank overflow with delight. Go through your pics, it may very well be a candid shot. It doesn’t matter if the picture was taken a month ago or thirty years ago, all that matters is that you are feeling your joy.

For example, the picture I’ve been looking at occasionally for fifteen years was taken after the closing night for a play that I wrote, directed, and danced in (after one of the dancers sprained their ankle) when I lived in Wellington, New Zealand. We had had sold-out performances, and in this picture I am on fire with the feelings of obvious accomplishment & success, but also perhaps more meaningful to me, the feelings of being recognized and appreciated for my unique creativity and its positive energy…because of course the story had powerful positive themes!

Whenever I need, I look at that photo and tap into the feeling of that picture… just the feeling, detached from its circumstances, and I affirm that whatever is happening now, I KNOW I WILL be in that energy FULLY again…. because it is my True Self. And my True Self is undeniable.

And yours is too, my beautiful friend.

Tips: If the pic includes an old love, you may want to cut them out or use another pic. I don’t want anything about this magical pic to feel like loss to you. Okay, duh. If you can’t find one, just imagine one in your mind’s eye. Where would you be? What would you be doing? And write down the emotions you’d be feeling. The emotions are the most important part anyway.

Last tip: Very few moments in life are PURE joy. I had realized earlier in the day that pic was taken that I did not want to pursue the theater any longer. I was 30 years old; yes, I’m 45 now, and I knew in my heart on that day that my True Self wanted to reach a larger audience than a hundred people at a time. While I was in pure delight, off stage right I also had that little feeling one gets when one is about to embark on a whole new journey…perhaps a journey in another country even. 🙂

When I look at the pic, I only step into the feelings of accomplishment, and the feeling of being on fire for flowing my True Self; as well as being appreciated for it.

Find your pic or make one up.  You will come to love your smile more than anyone… simply because of the way it makes YOU feel.

Here’s to celebrating the most beautiful smile in the world… YOURS Gorgeous!

Ps–there may be some extra special magic juju in choosing a pic that’s from many years ago. I can’t tell you how often people tell me I look many years younger than I am… and I’ve often wondered if it’s because of my visits to ‘stepping into’ my magical picture from when I was 30!

Mikaela Jones
Artistic Mystic in Process

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