Coming Out of the Closet

It appears a conspiracy of synchronicities is inspiring me to come out of my self-imposed closet with you all here today. Last week I received a questionnaire from the publicity department at Red Wheel/Conari Press. One of the questions was about the inspiration behind The Little Book of Light. Now 99% of the time in articles, interviews, and workshops, I always say: “It came to me in a meditation, in which I literally saw the cover of the book in my mind’s eye.” While this is indeed how the idea came to me, it wasn’t really its inspiration. The truth is the inspiration for The Little Book of Light: 111 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life, goes back decades when I was sexually abused as a young child for years.

The Penn State scandal made me become present to this “veil of secrecy and silence” that exists among sexual abuse survivors, and I don’t want to contribute to that any longer. Still, I’m not going to give you the who’s, how’s and where’s, etc., because 1) my perpetrator passed on twenty years ago, so there is no rehabilitating him, and 2) The details simply feed into the energy of DRAMA, which is Spirit-killing, and I chose to put that behind me many, many years ago. I will give my suggestions where and with whom and for how long one should share their story in a future blog post. For myself, perhaps in an appropriate setting, like a workshop or a memoir down the road, I will. But for now, the details aren’t important.

I do not want to inspire victim consciousness, because trust me, it’s a miserable place to be… and a sure way to stop you from fulfilling your personal vision and shining your unique light in the world. Please, do not feel sorry for me… because as you know, the thoughts we hold of each other have impact. If enough people feel sorry for you, the universe may have to create something for the person to be sorry about, and I certainly don’t need that. 🙂 Instead, I welcome your energy of congratulations for journeying from the darkness, where I had no voice, and even the few times I did, felt I had no right to share it… to stepping into the light and thriving with a vocation/livelihood/mission that is largely based on my voice. Isn’t that AMAZING and beautifully POETIC?!!

But I owe you an apology. I feel I have done you and the Little Book of Light a disservice by not revealing the darkness out of which the Little Book of Light was born. In my fear of being pigeon-holed as a ‘sexual abuse survivor’ (because I haven’t identified myself in that way for many years,) I have kept my secret in silence. And while the Little Book of Light appears cute and sweet, I can tell you from first-hand experience, that it is not just ‘light’ reading. MANY of the 111 Ways in the Little Book of Light I have been practicing since I was a child in the middle of the darkness of the abuse…and the light they brought me literally saved my sanity, and my life. Others I learned years later as an adult, and practicing them helped me blossom into the powerful, loving, wise, creative, and self-expressed woman that I am! (Hey, celebrate yourself! There ain’t nothing wrong with acknowledging how far you’ve come and tooting your own horn every once in awhile darlin’!)

Still, this week it became clear to me: If I can reach one other young man or woman and help them to reclaim their identity and know that they are not a “sexual abuse survivor”, but rather they are a radiant, powerful being of light who had those experiences ….and they have the power to CHOOSE who they will become and HOW they will contribute to their world, despite the trauma they have experienced (and hey, who hasn’t in one form or another?)  If I can help them shine bright YEARS earlier than I did, then wow, it is all worth it.

So, if you’re like most people and you read a book and it ends up buried on a shelf somewhere, I’d like to encourage you to dust off the Little Book of Light, and keep it handy on your nightstand or office desk, etc. Randomly open the book every day, and practice that ‘Light Way’. That’s what I do. When practiced with an open heart and mind, over time… you will see your life transform in powerful positive ways. I’m sure of it. If you have people in mind you feel could benefit from a book, now is the best time to get one for them (see the awesome special below.) It’s inexpensive and made in the USA by a local artisan (moi), which is way more satisfying then getting something at the mall, right?! So skip the shopping craziness, and order some Little Books of Light instead! Click here to see the special on them… 4 for $33, an $11 savings.

Thank you all for your sweet responses of gratitude over the years for the Weekly Beam of Light and the Little Book of Light. Your gratitude is in part what is fueling me to be courageous and speak up now. As another thank you, if you don’t have the Little Book of Light, you can download the first third of the book by clicking HERE.

Please leave a comment if you’d like and please share this with others you feel could benefit.

As always, thank YOU for sharing your light with the world.

Bright Blessings,

Mikaela Jones

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  1. Thank You for ‘coming out’ and sharing, Mikaela. Your book will be even more of an inspiration.

    As we all understand we each choose the major players in our lives and the roles they play as the Soul level of our Being, we come to understand just how powerful we are as the directors and creators of our lives.

    Bless You and Thank You for Who You Are Being….
    Angela Chen Shui recently posted..Planetary Consciousness Evolution and Social Wellness – 2012 Message of Hope Video

    • mikaela says:

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, Angela.

      I agree, when we can see ourselves as the creator/writer/director of our lives and see the gifts that we received from the characters in our ‘story’ despite the pain and the drama, we are free.

      There are blessings in every situation, no matter how dark, and when we can fathom and then live those blessings, then we can BE who we want to Be in life, fulfilling our personal vision despite the appearance of getting ‘knocked down’ by life.

      You are a treasure, and I aspire to awaking the Earth Angels as well.
      Bright Blessings to you.

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