Dear Beloved,

Do you ever get disappointed by the results or responses you get from people… especially when you are kind and loving to them? Is there somebody in your life who is consistently unkind, okay, perhaps even nasty, and you find yourself not knowing what to do?  Do you ever find yourself thinking, “If they would only get an attitude adjustment, my life would be so much better!”?

Here’s what I want you to remember: it’s all between you and YOU (aka your Higher Self)… or you and God. It doesn’t actually matter how anyone responds to you…EVER.

It’s as simple as this: Be KIND and COMPASSIONATE because that is your true essence. Be LOVING and FORGIVING because that is who you truly are. Be unashamed, tolerant, PROUD, and BRIGHT because this is indeed your nature. Be STRONG, COURAGEOUS, and CREATIVE in the expression of your light because you, yourSelf would not want anything less.

When in doubt, ask yourself, “Who AM I?” and BE that. Live that Light in your world. And if you feel shy, ask yourself, “Who do I want to BE?” and then ask for help from all the light in the world, and there can be only success and celebration.

There is GREAT POWER in this simple way of being and acting. If a mere 1% of the planet were to take on this practice, we would create a peaceful, sustainable planet with happy people living in harmony… instantaneously. Do you believe? Begin now… and let’s watch the MAGIC and BEAUTY of this new world begin.

In Awe & Gratitude for your Breathtaking Beautiful Light.

Your Inner Light

Delivered by Mikaela Jones


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