Delight Frequency Vlog Launch! On Intention…

The Delight Frequency Revolution is here! What is it and how can it help YOU and the PLANET? Watch Mikaela’s new weekly Vlog!

  1. “The Delight Frequency REVOLUTION!” I love it!
    CAELAN HUNTRESS recently posted..Free Resource Bonanza

    • mikaela says:

      Whoohoo, thank you, Caelan! Yes, it’s the Delight Frequency Revolution because the POWER of the light and love we FEEL and send out from our hearts to the planet (with intention) will win over the mainstream focus on the lower vibrations of fear and negativity.. we will ‘win’ them over with our/their inherent joy and delight! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Jane Waide says:

    Dear Mikaela,

    I loved your first “vlog”! Thank you so much.


  3. joyce jones says:

    Dear Mikaela…I am delighted to be sharing our LOVING ENERGY for all beings of this Beautiful World…We truly are the Light/Love and Joy having a human experience….and as you know this human experience in many ways has lost their way..We are weaving into a seasonal change of transformation of our Beautiful Nature..sending us her variant colors to help warm Love all BEINGS that Dwell in this moment..I am looking forward to sharing with you…Thanks for sharing your heart…

    • mikaela says:

      Thank you so much Joyce for your warm appreciation. It feels so good to know that people are really ‘getting’ what I’m up to here! Thank you for your beautiful heart and sharing your light and your Delight Frequency with the world!

  4. Thank you for this uplift I received this morning! Love the “Of Light” definition, too – that never occurred to me. Of course, delight would be French!
    the Joy of Life

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