Delight Frequency Vlog Launch — On Intention

Welcome to the Delight Frequency Vlog! What is it, and how can it help you and the planet? Join me in this Delight Frequency Revolution!

  1. Maggie says:

    Hi Mikaela, This is AWESOME and totally wonderful cos I never get to see you so this is GREAT. It really helped me just now too as I have a lot of friends going through hard times and needing my energy! Ive not been at my best lately as Ive been sick but I always TRY to help out:) Its so true what you say about media bombardment on a spiritual level. Anthroposophists call it the force and will of Ahriman bringer of materialism in our modern world. Seeing as its here lets turn it around and do the best possible thing with it. Use it to spread love and delight the way you are doing. A friend of mine has given me a mantra to try to dispel the fights between me and my husband. It has helped a lot and love is trying to find a way in our marriage. It is Om sharavhana bhavaya namha. I may have spelled wrong but thought Id share anyways:)Lol. Love you Maggie and the kids.

    • mikaela says:

      Hi Maggie! Thank you for your lovely words… you get my intention and I appreciate it. Stay tuned … this was really an intro… in the future each week I’ll share a technique… speaking of the mantra your friend gave you sounds VERY familiar to me… removes obstacles to love and creates harmony I believe if memory serves me correctly. I’m glad it’s working for you and your husband. Sending my love to you and the kids as well! I’ll ‘see’ ya here next week! ps– you might want to download my free sample from the Delight Frequency or just get it for yourself… it’s cheap and I offer a money-back guarantee too. Love & DeLight to you!

    • mikaela says:

      HI Maggie, how interesting that there are two comments, both from ‘Maggies’! Maggies of the world ‘get it’… thank you for your words of appreciation and thanks for joining me in this Delight Frequency Revolution! The more we can get ourselves into higher states of peace, joy, and love… and CONSCIOUSLY intend that good-feeling energy to be felt by the world, the more we can raise the vibration of humanity. so thanks again for your appreciation… I appreciate it! Stay tuned for this Thursday’s … I will lead you through a meditation to help you to tap into the strength and love of your ‘future you’ and then share the energy with the world!

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