Trust YourSelf…

Dear Beloved,

We all have lots of different voices in our heads. And no, we’re not crazy.

Sometimes the voice we hear is the voice of our friend’s or our mother’s… our sister’s or our father’s…

The only way to fulfill our purpose and live the life God intended for us to live
is to listen to the voice of our authentic self… our inner light.

But sometimes there is so much noise in our head, and so much stress from all of the noise, it is difficult to hear…
But it is there… amidst all of the confusion and chaos, it is there, solid and strong.

How do you discern which voice is the voice of your inner light?
It will be the calm, quiet voice that seems it doesn’t have a care in the world whispering, “Turn left,”
amidst the frantic, persistent energy of the other voices screaming, “Turn right.”

You know the way.
Trust it.



Your Inner Light

Delivered to you by Mikaela Jones


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