Dear Beloved,


Don’t you know that whenever you speak your Truth with an open heart you will always shine?

So many get so fearful when they think of speaking up for what they want… and need. Perhaps they fear the other will not approve of them… Or worse, not like them anymore.

Here’s the thing… when you do not speak your full, radiant Truth, which is the voice of your inner light, you are not living YOU… in fact, you are being a fraud … and you definitely are not in an authentic relationship, except with your ego that is always in a state of fear.

Trust me, you did not come here to do THAT.

I urge you to speak your Truth as much as you can to live a fulfilling life. For some of you, this will take much practice, and that’s okay. And yes, it will be a little ‘scary’ at first. Start with something easy. If you really do not want to see that zombie film a friend invited you to, say so. Maybe they would be just as happy to see something else!

Pretty soon you’ll be able to say no to much bigger things too. And you’ll feel so great afterwards! When you speak from your center, feeling grounded and in your heart, your words will be delivered with grace.

Fear not what the other’s reaction will be as long as your intention is to speak your Truth with love.


Remember Way #8 from The Little Book of Light:

Speak from your center. Observe your breath.

If it’s quick and shallow, you’re most likely not centered.

Take a few deep breaths and set the intention to come from your light

so that you can say what you really mean with power and grace.


You will be surprised at how easy this becomes with practice… go on, find your voice… speak your  Truth…I know you can do it!

Remember this: When you speak your Radiant Truth, your life will flow and open in Magical ways…


With Love and Support,

Your Inner Light

Delivered to you by Mikaela Jones


ps–And remember, I always got your back!