It Doesn’t Matter What Anybody Says…

Dear Beloved,

Please remember that what you believe and feel about something is 1,000x more important than what others say regarding following your dreams.

As long as you consistently check in with your inner light and navigate your goals by the guidance received from within, it doesn’t matter what anybody else says about the validity, importance, value, and of course, likelihood of achieving your dreams.

It seems many forget that we are here to follow our own dreams and not the dreams of your parents, your friends, or what society deems fit as a ‘worthy dream.’

I’m not goint to sugar coat this… but my dear friend,  there will always be naysayers. Even when you begin to actualize your dreams, there will still be naysayers!
They may try to downplay what you have accomplished because maybe they are sad they are not pursuing their own dreams.

A great way to address the naysayers is to simply smile and say, “We’ll see…” while holding the vision of your intended outcome inside. And then change the subject!

Way #108 from Mikaela’s Little Book of Light:

Be your own true north.
Remember that wherever you go,
your inner light is your internal compass
to what is right and true for you.

Having compassion will enable you to be kind and not go into a defensive mode…. but please, be the bright light you intended yourself to be!!

And this my dear, is the only thing that will bring you lasting happiness. Not winning the approval or love of others who perhaps want you to stay ‘small’ out of fear of losing you or  jealousy.

Be the bright light you are…. and you will by your example give others permission to step out of their own limitations and do the same…

In Eternal Awe of your Magnificence,

Your Inner Light

Delivered to you by Mikaela Jones


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