Are you being kind and tender with yourself? Just as you easily and gladly give of your love freely with a child or a puppy or kitten in need, I urge you to please give this same kindness and tenderness to yourself… especially now in such challenging times in this world.
Hold this compassion and loving energy and direct it to yourself for healing, renewal, and well-being…
Once you’ve achieved this inner emotional state for yourself, THEN intentionally send this loving, kind energy to whomever you feel could benefit from it… which is probably everyone.  🙂
You are a smart cookie, so I know you know this… but we do not help anybody truly until we make sure our own emotional energy reservoirs are full for ourselves first. The beauty is that you simply need to fill up your emotional energy tank IN THAT MOMENT for it to be effective in helping others…so give yourself the kindness and tenderness you deserve…and THEN send it from your heart to the world.