You may be asking yourself, dear one, how can you get out of bed, let alone shine your light when there is so much negativity and fear in the world?

How can you pursue your dreams when others are experiencing so much hardship and sorrow?

Remember this: While the flower closes and goes within when it gets cold and dark, it opens and shares its beauty again in the dawn.  The flower is aware of its inner beauty–its sweet nectar–even amidst the pouring rain.

Not only is it your birthright to pursue your dreams and shine your light by example, it is your sacred duty. You must simply remember to go inside to the truth of who you are… to the source of that sweet inner nectar…everyday… more than once… as often as possible…

especially now.

Think of how that flower puts a smile on your face and fills you with sweet appreciation. On a deeper level it is providing for you the opening in consciousness you need to allow Source to flow to you the energy & guidance for that next step upon your journey…

In the same way, do you provide that opening in consciousness for another to receive exactly what they need for the next step upon their journey through your light and beauty. Be the inspiration you are designed to be and bless the world. Do not worry, when your intention comes from your heart,

it is impossible for you to fail.

Blessed art Thou.

With Infinite Love,
Your Inner Light
Delivered to you by
Mikaela Jones