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Coming in March 2018
from Red Wheel/Weiser

The Book of Light
365 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life

"Book of Light" Book Cover

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Red Wheel/Weiser’s Padded Hardcover of

The Little Book of Light:

111 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life

This uplifting spiritual guide book may be little, but its ‘Ways’ are mighty!

 “If you would love to be inspired, uplifted and enlightened then Mikaela’s Little Book of Light is certainly the magical book to read. It will help you to discover and awaken your inner wisdom and help bring out the most loving and empowered you.”
~ Dr. John F. Demartini, Bestselling author of The Breakthrough Experience & Featured in THE SECRET
  • Padded hardcover, durable and beautiful
  • Still the sweet size of the self-published paperback version of 4 x 6″ so it can fit in your purse, backpack, on your nightstand or even in your car’s glove compartment easily
  • New Cover & New Introduction
  • Many New ‘Ways’

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Watch Mikaela’s “Little Legend of Delight” movie below. A unique version of a book trailer for the Little Book of Light… Told via a sweet story using art, voice and music.



Buy the Little Book Of Light on Amazon

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