Welcome - You are a bright light. You are loved. Shine ON!

Raffle proceeds to benefit
StopitNOW! and UnaccompaniedChildren

Raffle Prizes 
Newly released book by local fabulous author Dave Markowitz‘ “Empathipedia”

Viola Rose’s beautiful “Veils of Twilight” CD

Tarot reading by Cybelle Clements

North Node chart reading by Nitai Mitchell 

One pass to a Portland Sound Sanctuary Oasis event

Private Sound Healing Bath Session with Mikaela in her Sound Sanctuary in SW Portland

Copies of each edition of the Book of Light(s)

Doterra Oils

A couple pieces of artwork by Nate Jensen
…Plus more coming… 

Available for purchase at the Fun Fair: 
 – Copies of the Book of Light and the Little Book of Light
 – Nate’s multi-media, watercolor, and oil artwork of angels will be available in various sizes. 
– Many copies of children’s books that Nate has illustrated. 
– Bargain hunter bins of watercolors & oils artwork from past children’s books, newspapers and magazines Nate has illustrated